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Model H 802–H 818 - High-Pressure Submersible Pump

by HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH     based in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, GERMANY

HO MA high-pressure submersible pumps are suitable for pumping clear water with high pressure, even from boreholes or narrow wells. They are used for domestic water supply, irrigation, garden watering from cisterns or similiar, in fountain displays, watering place, heat pumps, ground water drainage and so on. In combination with the electronic ...

Big-Iron - Water Wells

by Big Iron Drilling Ltd.     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Big Iron Drilling drilled its first water well in 1963, using a Bucyrus Erie 22 W Cable Tool Water Well Drilling Rig, and continues to be the most active domestic water well drilling contractor in western Canada.

Stainless Steel Screens

by Delta Screens     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Water well drilling is a rugged business. The stresses of installation along with the pressures and corrosion that are encountered downhole require a tough screen. At Delta Screens we manufacture our wedge wire stainless steel screens with some of the industry’s most experienced screen craftsmen and the most advanced screen-building ...

Well Pumps Panels

by California Motor Controls, Inc.     based in Benicia, CALIFORNIA (USA)

We manufacture panels for agricultural and domestic water wells. Typically these are large well pumps that require reduced voltage starters or VFDs.

Jetdom - Shallow Well Jet Self Priming

by VALCO surl     based in Marostica, ITALY

Suitable for shallow well lifts down to 8m providing highly efficient self priming performance; for drawing water out of a well, a spring, a reservoir, can draw up water in spite of presence of water-dissolved gases, air, or small quantities of sand .

Pedrollo - Model 4SR - Submersible Pumps

by Electrical & Pump Services Ltd (EPS)     based in Mallow, IRELAND

Our range of 4” borehole pumps will fit 4” or larger boreholes or shallow wells. Flow rates from 5 lpm to 375 lpm. Head up to 500 mtrs”. Recommended for pumping clean water with a sand content no higher than 150 g/m3. Suitable for use in the domestic, civil and industrial sectors, including for water supplies as part of a ...

ICS Cool Energy - Model WWR MTD2 - Water Source Heat Pump

by ICS Cool Energy Ltd.     based in Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM

The WWR MTD2 units offer heating, cooling and domestic hot water production by an external 3-way valve (accessory). These are suitable for traditional heating systems and radiant panels. Radiant panels work with water at lower temperatures which works well for new builds with low energy consumption. Installations are simplified thanks to the ...

4` Submersible Pump

by Sempa Limited     based in Karatay, TURKEY

Agricultural, municipal, industrial, domestic use, and widely used in mining areas. For every application where water pressure is needed, To draw water from tanks, basins or ponds and wells, Pumping and aerial distribution of various typesof liquid material, Autodave and water tank entrances, Irrigation systems, Lawn and garden irrigation, ...

OSNA - Model UP 4 - Submersible Pumps

by OSNA-Pumpen GmbH     based in Osnabrück, GERMANY

Performance data: Q max. 21 m3/h, H max. 385 mRanges of application: For pumping clean water from wells with 4' inside diameter, reservoirs and tanks for domestic and industrial water supply, up to +30 °CConstruction: Multistage submersible centrifugal pumpMaterials: Stainless steel casing, impellers noryl or Stainless steel

Hydropneumatic Tanks

by Hanson Tank (Roy E. Hanson Jr. Mfg.)     based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Any vessel that contains both water and air under pressure can be called a hydropneumatic tank. The two most common applications are in well water systems, or as buffer tanks to absorb water hammer shocks in large capacity pumping systems. In both cases, the captive compressed air acts as a cushion which can exert or absorb pressure as required.

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