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Well Tech

by Accelerated Remediation Technologies, Inc.

The ART Technology combines in situ air stripping, air sparging, soil vapor extraction (SVE), and enhanced bioremediation/oxidation—plus subsurface groundwater circulation. The ART Technology is designed for installation within a four-inch or larger well. The combined remediation concepts and subsurface effects of a typical ART well are ...

Well Closures

by GeoPump, Inc.

GEOPUMP Well Closures provide a means of terminating dedicated tubing to the well head, supporting the pump, and housing the air and liquid discharge fittings. The standard closure is a non-lockable flat cap, recommended where recovery wells are underground vaults or protective closures.

Model IEG - Multi-level Sampling Well

by IEG Technologies UK Ltd

As a fundamental objective of detailed geoenvironmental investigations, IEG Multi-level Sampling Well systems allow a very detailed three-dimensional soil and groundwater contamination profile to be developed. The system is capable of recovering multiple, high-quality samples of both soil vapour and groundwater simultaneously from numerous ...

Recover-All Pneumatic Pump & Treat System

by Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)

ERE’s Pneumatic Pump & Treat System operates by pumping contaminated groundwater to the surfacefrom the same well using ERE’s Pneumatic BOSS™ Pumps. The recovered contaminated groundwater isthen typically treated to desired levels through various established treatment technologies. Selection of remedialaction plans are dependent on factors such as ...

ERE Dulex Multiphase Extraction Technology

by Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)

ERE Dulex™ Multiphase Extraction Technology utilizes a process where by groundwater / hydrocarbons and vapors can be extracted from the same well with a single vacuum pump located in the equipment compound. The recovered groundwater is then typically treated with to desired levels through various established treatment technologies. Selection of ...

Skimmers Passive SOS and SPG Skimmers and In-Well Genie Pump

by Geotech

Skimmers have been designed for product recovery applications in sites where active pumping systems are not applicable due to existing conditions or extreme low permeable formations. When used in conjunction with either a surface mounted or in-well Genie pump, the passive skimmer becomes an active automatic recovery system.

Weston - In Situ Recirculating Well Technology

by Weston Solutions, Inc

Recirculating Well Technology is an in situ system for remediating contaminated aquifers. This technology is based on a very simple concept and design where downhole equipment creates movement of groundwater into and back out of the well after treatment. This movement develops a groundwater circulation cell around a remediation well. The ...

Satellite Controllers

by GeoPump, Inc.

GEOPUMP Satellite Controllers are used in multiple well, ground water remediation projects to provide a low cost alternative to a primary pump controller at every well. Installed at each remote well head, the Satellite Controllers are connected to the primary cycle controller by 1/4' O.D. 'logic' tubing. With pumping frequency determined by the ...

Sm.OIL Small Interface Meters

by GeoPump, Inc.

The Sm.OIL Interface Meter meets the requirement for a small low cost high quality meter for use in shallow monitoring wells. Why pay for what you do not need? The 60 ft/20m tape length of the Sm.OIL makes this the ideal unit for most monitoring wells.

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