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Bloodborne Pathogens for Emergency Responders Online Training

by Compliance Solutions     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

Exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials is a major concern to organizations and employees, particularly for those who respond to medical incidents. This course provides an overview of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standard requirements applicable to emergency response personnel in office and manufacturing environments.

Electrical Safety Training For Emergency Responders Online

by Compliance Solutions     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

Electrical equipment and power lines may pose significant hazards to emergency responders. Responders must be able to recognize and control electrical hazards to avoid bodily injury before taking other emergency actions. Upon completion of this course, Emergency Response Team members will be able to describe the fundamentals of electricity and its ...

8-Hour Emergency Responder Technician Level III Annual Refresher Course Online

by Compliance Solutions     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

According to OSHA regulations, each level of emergency responder must take an 8 hour annual refresher course to stay current on the techniques used in a hazardous materials incident. The 8-hour online refresher course helps to meet the requirements of OSHA in an informative and interactive manner. Included in the course are numerous techniques ...

Medical Emergency Response in Industrial Environments Course

by Compliance Solutions     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

Medical Emergency Response in Industrial Environments provides medical emergency response team (MERT) personnel with detailed information on how to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace. The course is designed by Compliance Solutions to provide the learner with key information on the initial medical response skills necessary to ...

Emergency Response to Terrorism Training Course Online

by Compliance Solutions     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

The purpose of the course is to provide you with information on terrorism, the types of weapons used and types of harm associated with terrorist attacks, and what to do in an emergency situation if a terrorist attack occurs.

Medical Emergencies: Citizen Responder (Online Course)

by Dupont Sustainable Solutions     based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA)

Emergencies can be terrifying, and sometimes, those who witness them have to respond right on the spot.Emergencies happen in the blink of an eye. To save lives, any witness must be as swift to react. This program illustrates what to do if a person meets a life-threatening medical emergency. It includes correct procedures for dealing with: Heart ...

Surveying the Hazmat Incident

by SafetySkills     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Upon completion of the learning event, the learner will display the ability to identify the role of the first responder after an incident involving hazardous materials, the proper steps to be taken after an incident, identify different types and forms of hazardous materials and their containers.

Emergency Evacuation: Getting Out Alive

by Dupont Sustainable Solutions     based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA)

In an emergency situation, survival hinges on adequate training, preparation and an emergency action plan. This course explains several emergency situation responses, the importance of drills and the principles of RACE. It prepares your employees to handle any disaster - natural or otherwise and covers:How to respond in several emergency ...

Fire Extinguishers: Your PASS to Safety

by Dupont Sustainable Solutions     based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA)

When fire breaks out, your workers only have seconds to respond. Every delay can be costly. Even fatal. Give your employees accurate and concise annual training on fire extinguisher use. This course explains:Ways to eliminate the three elementsDifferent fire extinguishers and their usesClasses of fireThe PASS procedureWhen to call the fire ...

Emergency Action Plan: Crisis under Control

by Coastal Training Technologies (part of Dupont Sustainable Solutions)     based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA)

Disasters - natural or man-made - can occur anytime, and an Emergency Action Plan must always be at hand to help your employees respond to the situation. It is essential not only for OSHA compliance but also for survival and minimization of loss. Cook up a strategic emergency plan by following the guidelines in this course.Emergency alarm and ...

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