Safety, Health and Environmental Representative Functions Course

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Safety, Health and Environmental Representative Functions Course
On completion of the course the learner will be able to identify, evaluate and record safety, health and environmental hazards in their designated work areas and be able to evaluate the risks attached to operational tasks and processes.
Course Duration: 3 days

Prerequisites: None

Licensed: Yes

Course Outline:

Successful learners will be able to:

  • Explain the objectives and benefits of structured workplace and operational process inspections
  • Determine the NOSA elements that need to be included in regular SHE and supervisory inspections, checks and/or planned maintenance schedules
  • Prepare for and carry out practical workplace inspections and equipment checks as well as identify deviations and record findings
  • Prepare a summary report on findings together with recommendations for submission to SHE committee or other appropriate management representative
  • Present summary report on inspection findings for action by SHE committee meeting
  • Comply with legislative requirements and Codes of Practice
  • Benchmark progress against SHE management system targets and standards
  • Reduce both occupational incident frequency and severity rates

Target Group:

  • Employees and supervisors responsible for the implementation and maintenance of SHE standards and management control procedures in daily operational processes and procedures
  • SHE representatives, SHE committee members, shop stewards and staff involved in or responsible for the evaluation of inspection reports
  • SHE practitioners at all levels
NOSA National Occupational Safety Association Ltd
NOSA National Occupational Safety Association Ltd
66 Park Lane, MMG House
Sandton 2196

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