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Cross Wrap - Bale Opener

by Cross Wrap Ltd     based in Siilinjärvi, FINLAND

The Cross Wrap Bale Opener is suitable for unwrapping bales containing RDF, SRF and other waste, recyclable materials and industrial materials. The machine automatically removes the wrapping film and bale wires, enabling the material to be utilised, for example, as an energy source. The costs of running and maintaining the Bale Opener equipment ...

Tecnofer - Bales Opener Machine

by Tecnofer     based in Ceneselli, ITALY

The Bales Opener machine has been designed to open bales of PET for separating the bottles without breaking them. In this way single and pressed bottles are ready to be controlled and sorted by the sorting systems. The hopper can be fed with a whole bale of product, conveying it to the rotor that “scrapes” the bottles thanks to a ...

Bale Opening Equipment

by Tongli Plastic Recycling machinery Co ltd     based in jiangyin city, CHINA

4Motors : 4×4W,7.5KW, High :2.5M, Lenth :2M, Width :1.5M, Weight :2T

Bale Opening Machine

by JINGAU ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd     based in Taipei, TAIWAN

Suitable for de-baling compressed  PET bottles bales &  plastic bales. High speed and Large output. Easy operation. Low expense on maintenance. Capacity: 500~ 4000 kg/hr. Patented in Taiwan and China.

Rotomation - Vertical Bale Opener

by Rotomation UK Limited     based in Preston, UNITED KINGDOM

The Vertical big bale loader has a unique safe method of working - quite different from other big bale handlers on the market.

Valvan - Manual Swivel Box Press Basic

by Valvan Baling Systems NV     based in Menen, BELGIUM

This hydraulic baling press is designed especially for baling small bales of used clothing, with dimensions that fit perfectly in maritime containers. It Is a vertical hydraulic swivel press with two boxes, a filling and a pressing box, each equipped with a filling door and 2 fully opening doors. While 1 operator fills a new load in the filling ...

Valvan - Model V60T-DSB - Pifferoen Swivel Box Baling Press

by Valvan Baling Systems NV     based in Menen, BELGIUM

Horizontal Feeding/buffer conveyor: 1050 mm (W) x 750 mm (H) x 6000mm (H) Working cycle: Automatic filling/ pre-pressing operation. Once preset pressure is reached turntable lifts and turns full box to main press. While turning, material is buffered on conveyor. Main press presses the bale at 60 Ton. When bale finished/operator opens the doors and ...

Valvan - Model C40S750S-30 kW - Horizontal Fully Automatic Baling Press

by Valvan Baling Systems NV     based in Menen, BELGIUM

Pressing channel: 550mm(W) x 520 mm (H) x length 1100mm (adjustable length). Number of ties: 3 horizontal metal wires. Pressing force 40 Tons. Motorization: 30 KW. PLC controlled: TSX3710 PLC Telemecanique. Fill opening: 750mm x 550 mm. Feeding this type of baler in general with pneumatic transport or conveyor. Throughput with 20kg/m³ bulk ...

HSM - Model V-Press 860 P - Vertical Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH + Co. KG     based in Frickingen, GERMANY

The vertical baling press HSM V-Press 860 P is specially designed for the compression of opened or perforated PET/UBC bottles (other materials upon request). Double quantity of retaining claws optimize the compression of the pressing material and reduce the number of loading actions. Reinforced press chamber and door lock. Robust mechanical bale ...

HSM - Model HL 1615 - Horizontal Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH + Co. KG     based in Frickingen, GERMANY

This all-purpose stationary baler is designed for high loads and completely fl attens paper scraps, large cardboard boxes, plastic foils and comparable materials – even rigid paint cans and light metal barrels (up to 200 litres). To handle even extreme one-sided loads in the press chamber, the press ram guidance has a specially large and ...

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