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BOA Bag Opener / Bale Breaker

by BOA Recycling Equipment BV

BOA's bag opener is a machine that opens plastic (waste) bags efficiently (approximately 98%), keeping the material inside the bags intact. Simultaneously, BOA designed an equivalent type of machine with another purpose, the BOA Bale Breaker, destined to crush bales from a baling press.

Bale Opener

by Tecnofer

The Bales Opener machine has been designed to open bales of PET for separating the bottles without breaking them. In this way single and pressed bottles are ready to be controlled and sorted by the sorting systems. The hopper can be fed with a whole bale of product, conveying it to the rotor that “scrapes” the bottles thanks to a ...

Cross Wrap - Bale Opener

by Cross Wrap Ltd

The Cross Wrap Bale Opener is suitable for unwrapping bales containing RDF, SRF and other waste, recyclable materials and industrial materials. The machine automatically removes the wrapping film and bale wires, enabling the material to be utilised, for example, as an energy source. The costs of running and maintaining the Bale Opener equipment ...

BRT - Model BAL-O-MAT - Bale Breaker

by BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH

The BAL-O-MAT Bale Breaker serves for unraveling of press bales from PET-bottles, waste paper, residual waste and other materials. The loosened up material is presented in a metered condition to the subsequent processes. The material degree of dispersion can be adjusted for ensuring optimal processing conditions.

House-Rex - Bag and Bale Opener inclusive dosage function

by ZE-Recyclingtechnik

House-Rex: dosage machine incl. opening unit *transport*opening *emptying*separating*dosingof loose material and bags.The machine offers a lerge shelter volume and increases the performance of the plant.Likewise, injected material as well as bales are processed.The shelter, the dosing wall and the processing unit can be adjusted separately.The ...

Bramidan - Model B3 Textile - Vertical Balers

by Bramidan Balers

Bales of clothes for second-hand use; The B3 Textile is one of the smallest textile baler in the market. A bale size of only 28 x 20 x 14-26 inches, makes it easy to transport and stack the bales. To make sure the chamber is not overloaded, the B3 Textile is equipped with a full bale light which flashes when the chamber is full.

KME - Model T15 - Horizontal Bale

by Ken Mills Engineering Ltd.

T15 Horizontal bale press is ideally suited for low production of cardboard, textile trimmings, polythene sheet, Foam scrap etc. With 15 tons maximum pressure it produces a bale suitable for decreasing transport / disposal cost. Bale size:- Approx. 800 x 800 x 1100mm long which would weight up to 300 kg dependant on material baled.


by Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH

The BaleTainer® from Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH is a new and unique machine for compaction of paper, cardboard packagings and emptied PET bottles. With a filling comfort of Presscontainers and the bale result of  a 180 t channel baling presses a new generation was developed in the waste management technology.

Bramidan - Model B30 Wide - Vertical Balers

by Bramidan Balers

The B30 Wide gives you a baler that is easy to fill with the large filling opening. There is no need to fold even large cardboard boxes. Inside the chamber, rows of retainers keep down the waste material, giving efficient compaction and a dense bale.

Bramidan - Model X30 - Vertical Balers

by Bramidan Balers

Handling bulky waste; The X30 is suitable for retail shops and industrial companies with large quantities of waste. It is a compact machine with high capacity and superior press force. This baler has a very wide filling opening for handling larger boxes, making the daily operation as easy as possible. The finished bale can be tied with flat straps ...

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