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Model MLP-125-155-155 TP-195 TP-235 TP - High Capacity Single-Ram Extrusion Balers

by Machinex Industries Inc.     based in Plessisville, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Series MLP/125/155/155 TP/195 TP: When you have been in the business as long as we have, you know the benefits of a more powerful baler: Higher Density, Reduced Handling Costs, Increased Profits.

Channel Balers

by EcoBale Scandinavia AB     based in SARO, SWEDEN

We also have channel balers.

LIKON - Channel Balers

by PAAL GmbH     based in Georgsmarienhütte, GERMANY

The LIKON is a highly powerful and efficient baling presse for recyclable materials. It is a fully automatic horizontal channel baler with shear blade system, horizontal tying system, available in one channel cross-sections (110x110 cm - h x w) and very high pressing forces from 1200 - 1950kN.

Model S1W - Metal Baling Press

by PAAL GmbH     based in Georgsmarienhütte, GERMANY

The S1W balers are horizontal metal baling presses with shear blade system. They are manufactured with two different channel cross-sections (40x40 and 50x50 cm - h x w) and high pressing forces from 650 - 1200kN. This compact and very robust machine is well suited to compress metal scrap (such us beverage cans, wire ends, etc) with very high bale ...

BaleTainer - Fully Automatic Baling Press

by Recycling Equipment Inc. (REI)     based in Newton, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

The BaleTainer is a fully automatic baling press for the compaction of paper, cardboard packaging, film and empty PET bottles and easily handles large quantities of waste. The innovative BaleTainer takes you to the next dimension of disposal technology: Due to the large feed opening, large quantities of PET bottles and large cardboard packagings ...

Impress - Baling Presses

by BOA Recycling Equipment BV     based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS

The BOA Impress® baling presses fill the different needs of different markets and are available in many versions. The Impress® baler series offerthree different press methods: cutting, single clap, double clap.

MaxPak - Model MP60-NFS - Vertical Baler

by OBC Baling Equipment     based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA)

Don’t think a vertical baler can keep up with your high-volume scrap? Think big! The Max-Pak MP 60 NFS is the biggest, highest volume vertical baler available. The big 10” cylinder is rear conveyor fed, with a big 30hp motor to create a big 60” high-density bale. So even if your yard is small, you can still get a big baling ...

Presto - Model HPK Series - Balers

by Presto Gmbh & Co Kg     based in Bad Laer, GERMANY

PRESTO horizontal balers compact recyclables in to solid cubical-shaped bales. The material is compacted by a horizontally mounted compaction plate with an electro-hydraulic drive system. This guarantees the continuous feeding of the machine, and the integration of the production process is ensured. PRESTO horizontal balers of the HPK-Series are ...

Paper Pulp Hydraulic Balers

by IMABE IBERICA S.A.     based in Arganda del Rey, SPAIN

Automatic baling presses designed for the treatment of pulp refuse in the paper industry processes. The equipment is highly effective for the extraction of liquids from any kind of solid material with medium size particles and high humidity.

DOKON - Channel Balers

by PAAL GmbH     based in Georgsmarienhütte, GERMANY

The DOKON is a powerful and efficient baling press for recyclable materials using Poly Propylene Tying. It is equipped with shear blade system, and has three different channel cross-sections (110x75 and 110x110 cm - h x w) with high pressing forces from 1000 - 2000kN.

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