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HSM - MKP 80 - Multi-Chamber Baler

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

The HSM MKP 80 multiple chamber baler is ideally suited to parallel, sorted compression of various materials. Large aperture and chamber for ease of loading. HSM MKP 80 has a bale removal trolley for easy removal and transport of bales. State-of-the-art microprocessor controller and membrane keypad with display. Excellent door locking system ...

Bramidan - MC4 - Small Multi Chamber Baler

by Bramidan Balers

The MC4 multi chamber baler has been designed to serve customers with smaller quantities of waste. With two chambers you have the possibility of sorting your waste before compressing, eg. using one chamber for cardboard and the other for plastic. Both chambers are operated by a common press section, which is easily moved from one side to the ...

Multi-Chamber Balers - APV

by Austropressen

For larger amounts of material bale weights of 60-250 kg. Highest comfort, patented safety brake, simple binding system, lingual digital text display, extendable with additional chamber presses.

Multi-Chamber Balers - K

by Austropressen

For reusable materials and residual waste – baling weights of 30-80 kg. Small footprint, universal application, with wet waste bag, extendable with additional compacting chambers.

ACM - Large Multi-Chamber Balers

by ACM Waste Management PLC

The ACM multi-chamber baler range has been designed for organisations wanting to sort their multiple of waste streams, whilst simultaneously reducing their costs. Its multi-chamber capacity makes it equipped to deal with many different types of waste.

ACM - Multi Chamber Baler

by ACM Waste Management PLC

The ACM Multi Chamber Baler is effective in handling multiple waste streams. The multi-chamber baler is an innovative addition to the standard baler range. The expandable multi-chamber balers are popular as each bin can be utilised as a different recycling point allowing cardboard, paper, plastics, cans, etc to be sorted directly into separate ...

K 65II/70II - Multi-Chamber Balers

by Austropressen

Sorting and compacting into bale weights of 30-80 kg. Small footprint, universal application, simple binding, extendable with additional compacting chambers.

LIKON - Channel Balers

by PAAL GmbH

The LIKON is a highly powerful and efficient baling presse for recyclable materials. It is a fully automatic horizontal channel baler with shear blade system, horizontal tying system, available in one channel cross-sections (110x110 cm - h x w) and very high pressing forces from 1200 - 1950kN.

KONTI - Channel Balers

by PAAL GmbH

The KONTI is a highly powerful and efficient baling presses for recyclable materials. We have been producing this machine for over 25 years and its durability is evidenced by the fact that some of our early models are still in operation today. As we are constantly developing our products, the fifth generation KONTI F-series has state of the art ...

MACFAB - 75 - Multi Baler

by Mac-Fab Systems Ltd.

Saves handling time with multiple chambers: free to load while other chamber compacts. Multiple chambers offer an efficient way of separating different materials before baling. Suitable for positioning where height is restricted. Retaining claws to prevent spring back. Roller guided head for ease of movement.

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