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HSM - HL 1615 - Horizontal Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

This all-purpose stationary baler is designed for high loads and completely fl attens paper scraps, large cardboard boxes, plastic foils and comparable materials – even rigid paint cans and light metal barrels (up to 200 litres). To handle even extreme one-sided loads in the press chamber, the press ram guidance has a specially large and ...

HSM - 8 TE - Horizontal Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

In terms of performance, efficiency and flexibility our mobile. HSM 8 TE small baler is hard to beat. This compact baling press is also extremely easy to operate: insert the strapping tape, switch it on and watch it go! Also the strapping and ejection of the bales can be performed easily. The complete bale ejection means that the compact bales are ...

HSM - 12 Gigant - Horizontal Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

Our HSM 12 Gigant is in its element anywhere where voluminous cardboard packaging, plastic fi lm or other materials need to be pressed. The extremely large loading aperture makes the unit simple and convenient to load. The result is compact bales which can be easily transported. And if the baler is required urgently in another part of the company ...

HSM - V-Press 860 L - Vertical Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

The HSM V-Press 860 L produces bales with a recess for easy transport without pallets. . Special profiles in the bale ejection door, in the filling hatch and in the press ram form recesses in the bales. Flexible and fixed retaining claws optimise material compression and reduce the number of filling processes. High process reliability due to HSM ...

HSM - HL 3521 - Horizontal Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

The HL 3521, with its exceptional large loading aperture is the perfect machine for compressing large quantities of paper, cardboard, foils or packaging material and for extremely large and bulky materials. The 6-fold strapping is performed in a manual process with continuous polyester tape or wire.

HSM - V-Press 504 - Vertical Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

The entry-level model HSM V-Press 504 allows for the economical disposal of your packaging waste. Compact and sturdy design - small footprint. Modern microprocessor controller with membrane keypad and text display. Selectable programmes for pressing cardboard or plastic foil. Bale removal and transport with discharge trolley. HSM TCS (Torsion ...

HSM - HL 3521 S - Horizontal Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

The HL 3521 S has been especially designed for compressing strongly expanding material such as foam. With a powerful 22 kW drive, very large loading aperture and manual 6-fold strapping with Quick-Link wire, this machine is perfect for compressing diffi cult materials. Of course, other packaging materials can also be compressed.

HSM - VK 4812 V - Channel Baling Presses

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

Fully automatic channel baling press with a throughput of up to approx. 268 m³ per hour (theoretically). Suitable for compressing paper, cardboard, punchings and shredded material, foil and much more. Versatile use in industry, manufacturing and retail (processing industry, printing, paper industry, department stores, wholesalers, central ...

Single Ram Horizontal Baler

by Enterprise Company

The hydraulically operated compacting press allows the baling chamber to fill to optimum capacity prior to the main cylinder compression stroke. The Enterprise pre-press system eliminates the shear point and the tremendous downward forces on the baler floor generated by the compaction ram because of the shear point. The Pre-Compression Press ...

PAM - Model TR200 - High Power Two RAM Automatic Baler


PAM model TR200 Two RAM high density press baler is designed and built to press and bale different materials. Two RAM baler by Plan Machine Industry contribute and implement the solution of customer needs with the help of modern equipment and technologies. For this reason, PLAN MACHINE INDUSTRY guarantee TWO RAM Baler.

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