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Hazardous Area (Ex) Weighing

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Explosive areas need special consideration, but performance should not be compromised. That’s why METTLER TOLEDO has built the most extensive range of hazardous area (Ex) products available from a range of compact, bench, floor, custom, load cells and vehicle scales up to 2000 tons. Many of our products comply with the new European ATEX ...

Eldan - M3-M6S - Cable Strippers

by Eldan Recycling A/S

An Eldan Cable Stripper is one of those tools that will serve you for years and years. The Eldan Cable Stripper is reliable cable peeler, suitable for most cable types including: Plastic, paper, textile insulated cables , rubber insulated cables, including butile rubber, lead armoured cables, steel armoured cables.

Eldan - C12, C15, C22 and C26 - Separation Tables

by Eldan Recycling A/S

The Eldan Separation Table in an essential machine in the Eldan material separation solutions. The Separation table is used in recycling of: Cables (aluminium or copper), electronic and electrical waste (i.e. WEEE), aluminium scrap , tyres (upgrading quality by removing foreign objects), shredder light fraction (SLF/ASR) etc.

Specac - Free-Standing Wire Grid Polarizers

by Specac Limited

Specac provide Free-Standing Wire Grid Polarizers for Far-Infrared and Terahertz (THz) polarizing applications. These polarizers consist of an array of parallel 5 μm or 10 μm tungsten wires secured to a mounting frame with a wire spacing of 12.5 μm or 25 μm. These wires act to reflect the incident radiation electric field component ...

Bronneberg - Kab-V Series - Versatile Table Top Cable Stripper

by Bronneberg

The Kab-V is a versatile table top cable stripper.This machine contains the ability to either strip cable with the use of a single rotating knife, as well as a squeezing possibility to even process the thinnest cables.The Kab-V is the #30;first table top machine on the market to combine these two functions.

LOBSTER - HS 120 - Portable Hydraulic Shear

by Retech Recycling Technology Sweden AB

The Hydraulic Shear is used for efficient cutting of copper, aluminium, lead and underground cables. It can also be used for cutting of steel, max. diameter 20 mm. It is an indispensable tool for example when cables need to be unloaded, pre-sorted or pulled apart. The shear is very handy and easy to operate. It consists of the following main ...

BEAVER - Cable Stripper

by Retech Recycling Technology Sweden AB

By using unique springloaded feed rolls you no longer need to make fine adjustments for different cable sizes. It is sufficient to make a rough adjustment only, and this you can do very easily by means of a handle. Just feed the cable and it will be stripped without any problems, whether the insulation is rubber, lead, paper, PVC or PE. Deformed ...

THUNDERHAWK - Mini-Plant for Cable Recycling

by Retech Recycling Technology Sweden AB

Our new THUNDERHAWK mini-plant for cable recycling offers a simple and efficient chopping line for small recyclers with a limited budget. Just plug it in and start recycling your cable scrap right away. Very compact design, yet every machine is easily available for service. Robust like all REDOMA plants.

WHALE - SM320/400/480 - Screening Machine

by Retech Recycling Technology Sweden AB

The Screening Machine is used for recovery of copper losses from the insulation of granulated cable. It is installed as an optional equipment in every REDOMA plant. It is placed after the separator. It is available in three different sizes, matching the capacity of our various small and medium-sized plants. By means of a mechanical process, the ...

POWERCAT - Cable Recycling Plants

by Retech Recycling Technology Sweden AB

The POWERCAT plant may be small in size, but it is full-grown in performance, yielding an exceptional purity of both metals and insulation. It makes cable recycling remarkably cost-efficient and profitable - even for smaller scrap dealers. The purity of recovered copper and aluminium is normally above 99.5%. The POWERCAT has all the efficiency and ...

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