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PEL - Bag Compactor

by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment     based in Balla, IRELAND

The PEL bag compactor allows small volumes of waste be compacted into manageable bags. The bag compactor can be located close to the source of waste or in a designated area where the bags can be placed directly into bins/skips. The bag compactor has a small footprint and is used to save space in busy areas. The bag compactor offers a compaction ...

External Lift-Tipping-Device

by Bergmann, Heinz, e.Kfm.- Machines for Waste Management     based in Lathen, GERMANY

The BERGMANN lift-tipping-device is the ideal auxiliary equipment for existing large garbage bins. With its help, a local consolidation and emptying of existing normal bins can take place into larger bins, such as open containers, auger compactors or compaction boxes.

Ecopolymer - Model EPE - Compacting

by Ecopolymer     based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE

Nowadays the packaging of EPE is widely used in different industrial and domestic sectors of the market. Using our compactors some types of EPE could be compacted in blocks with density up to 450 kg/m3. There are some types of expanded polyethylene that does not keep closed up after compacting. In this case material is loaded in containers or big ...

Model R44 - Multi-Bin Recycling Compactor

by Tech Oil Products     based in New Iberia, LOUISIANA (USA)

Our Model R44 Rotating Bin recycling compactor is an excellent way to begin a recycling program on any vessel, workshop, or business. All operators should consider recycling as part of a complete offshore waste management plan. Utilizing a minimum amount of deck space, this compactor allows users to pre-sort the waste stream before compacting. ...

Model R6 - Multi-Bin Recycling Compactor

by Tech Oil Products     based in New Iberia, LOUISIANA (USA)

Our Model R6 multi-bin recycling compactor offers six large bins for sorting recyclables and compacting them separately as needed. This design is larger than our R44 model and allows for recycling for a higher number of persons on board (POB), and makes recycling easy to implement and easy to use. With six available bins, operators have the option ...

Ecopolymer - Model EPP - Screw Compactor

by Ecopolymer     based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE

Screw compactor designed by the Ecopolymer can be also used for expanded polypropylene processing. Nowadays the use of EPP is increasing as packaging for electronic goods and a raw material for the production of other items. Expanded Polypropylene has a denser structure than EPS, that is why it is necessary for a more powerful pre-crusher to be ...

Model 240 / 360 Litre - Bin Compactor

by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment     based in Balla, IRELAND

The PEL bin press compacts 3 bins into 1 reducing waste volume and reducing waste costs. The wheelie bin compactor compacts general waste or recycling by a ratio of 3:1. PEL bin compactors are suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. Waste volume and waste disposal costs are reduced by up to 66%, saving storage space and saving money. Weekly ...

Compactor Options

by Marathon Equipment     based in Vernon, ALABAMA (USA)

Options are an essential part of just about any compactor installation. Whether the option is for safety issues, convenience, operation efficiencies or monitoring systems, waste handling equipment can be fitted with a variety of bells and whistles to meet the demands of the application. Options include things such as container fullness measuring ...

Horizontal Screw Compactor - Screenings Washers/Compactors

by Pro-Equipment, Inc.     based in Waukesha, WISCONSIN (USA)

When coupled with an automatic bar screen, the PRO-PACTOR recieves, washes, drains and compacts the screenings by over 70%. A helical screw, rotated from opposite the discharge end, agitates, conveys and compresses the screenings while forcing the compressed “plug” to a disposal point through a cylindrical housing. Effective washing ...

Stationary and Portable Compactors

by IMABE IBERICA S.A.     based in Arganda del Rey, SPAIN

IMABE designs and manufactures waste stationary compactors for compacting solid waste, paper, cardboard, industrial waste into containers for cost-effective waste transfer and transportation.

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