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EnviroSource - Composters

by EnviroSource Sdn Bhd

Converts putrescible wastes into compost, a soil conditioner fertilizer without problems of odour, flies, rats, cockroaches, etc.

Neuson Ecotec - Model Eco 5003 - Compost Turner

by Neuson Ecotec

Provided with optimized features such as economic efficiency and performance, the ECO 5003 is the ideal machine for all operators who have to recycle great amounts of waste in confined spaces. Due to a digesting and aeration concept constantly improved by Neuson Ecotec, on the one hand, and a new drive concept, on the other hand, the ECO provides ...

Menart - High-speed Shredders


Ménart high-speed shredders have been developed to meet the needs of compost platforms, waste sites, urban organic waste valorisation centres, agricultural exploit sites, landscapists and other green waste professionals. In order to deal with the multitude of profiles and needs, Ménart has developed a diversified range of shredders.

HotRot - Model 1811 - Medium Sized Installations Processing

by Apricot Environmental Ltd

Length overall – 12.80m (42’ 0”), Width overall – 2.17m (7’ 2”), Height overall – 2.33m (7’ 8”), Main drive – 5.5kW three-phase, Energy requirement – 65-75 kW/day, Nominal capacity* – up to 2.1 tonnes, per day with bin-lifter feed unit; up to, 2.5 tonnes per day with ...

HotRot - Model 1206 - Process Food Waste from Canteens

by Apricot Environmental Ltd

Length overall – 7.15m (23’ 6”), Width overall – 1.40m (4’ 7”), Height overall – 2.70m (8’ 10”) (1.6m (5’ 3”), with exhaust duct removed), Main drive – 1.5kW, single or three-phase options, Energy requirement – 20-25 kW/day, Nominal capacity* – 0.3-0.4 tonnes per ...

HotRot - Model 3518 - Larger Municipalities & Commercial Enterprises

by Apricot Environmental Ltd

Length overall – 21.97m (72’ 1”), Width overall – 4.92m (16’ 2”), Height overall – 4.25m (13’ 11”), Main drive – 37.0kW three-phase, Energy requirement – 280-300, kW/day, Nominal capacity* – 9.5-11.5 tonnes, per day.

HotRot - Model 1509 - Processing Sewage Grit & Screenings & Food & Garden

by Apricot Environmental Ltd

Length overall – 10.63m (34’ 10”), Width overall – 1.92m (6’ 4”), Height overall – 2.12m (6’ 11”), Main drive – 3.0 or 4.0kW three-phase, Energy requirement – 30-40 kW/day, Nominal Capacity* – up to 1.1 tonnes per, day with bin-lifter feed unit; up to 1.5 tonne, per day with ...

Compost Devices

by HORSTMANN Device Construction and Ecological Techniques Ltd.

Facilities, in which industrial and household organic waste, sewage treatment plant sludges, green waste, tree, shrub and bush trimming waste are processed into a highly valued product called compost.

ECS Standard ASP - Composting Systems - Aerated Static Pile

by Engineered Compost Systems

Proven, reliable and offer great versatility. ASP systems are appropriate for primary and secondary composting; small to large sized facilities; and for any feedstocks (yard waste, food waste biosolids and industrial wastes).


by ARGE-Kompost & Biogas Österreich

Under composting or composting is the decomposition of organic matter by decomposers (microorganisms, annelids, isopods and other small animals). The end product of this process is called compost (componere Latin, composed). compost has a high content of nutrient elements such as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Compost has a high water storage ...

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