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Industrial Composting Systems

by KOLLVIK RECYCLING S.L.     based in Irun, SPAIN

Machinery for treating large volumes of organic waste and its transformation into compost. Our range of BiocompTM in vessel rotating composters and composting accessories will enable you to treat in a sustainable, efficient, safe and clean way, all kind of organic and food waste either on-site or in centralized composting facilities. We cover the ...

KAHL - Compost Pelleting Plant

by Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG     based in Reinbek, GERMANY

VALORISATION OF A RAW MATERIAL - Compost products continually require new markets. KAHL have developed a process for the production of fertiliser pellets from compost.

BWA TPROBE - Temperature probe for composting process

by Banner Engineering Corp.     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

To abide local regulations, and ensure efficient and effective composting, the temperatures of the windrows must be measured and logged constantly. With accurate temperature measurements, you can determine the optimum time to turn the windrows for quicker compost production.Time consuming and error prone manual data collection is eliminated using ...

Model AER-208S - Soil / Compost Research Respirometer Aerobic/Anaerobic

by Challenge Technology     based in Springdale, ARKANSAS (USA)

The AER-208S Research Respirometer utilizes eight specially designed reaction chambers, for use with solids, such as, soil, compost or plastics in biodegradability studies.

HotRot - Model 1509 - Processing Sewage Grit & Screenings & Food & Garden

by Apricot Environmental Ltd     based in Newry, NORTHERN IRELAND

Length overall – 10.63m (34’ 10”), Width overall – 1.92m (6’ 4”), Height overall – 2.12m (6’ 11”), Main drive – 3.0 or 4.0kW three-phase, Energy requirement – 30-40 kW/day, Nominal Capacity* – up to 1.1 tonnes per, day with bin-lifter feed unit; up to 1.5 tonne, per day with ...

HotRot - Model 3518 - Larger Municipalities & Commercial Enterprises

by Apricot Environmental Ltd     based in Newry, NORTHERN IRELAND

Length overall – 21.97m (72’ 1”), Width overall – 4.92m (16’ 2”), Height overall – 4.25m (13’ 11”), Main drive – 37.0kW three-phase, Energy requirement – 280-300, kW/day, Nominal capacity* – 9.5-11.5 tonnes, per day.

HotRot - Model 1206 - Process Food Waste from Canteens

by Apricot Environmental Ltd     based in Newry, NORTHERN IRELAND

Length overall – 7.15m (23’ 6”), Width overall – 1.40m (4’ 7”), Height overall – 2.70m (8’ 10”) (1.6m (5’ 3”), with exhaust duct removed), Main drive – 1.5kW, single or three-phase options, Energy requirement – 20-25 kW/day, Nominal capacity* – 0.3-0.4 tonnes per ...

HotRot - Model 1811 - Medium Sized Installations Processing

by Apricot Environmental Ltd     based in Newry, NORTHERN IRELAND

Length overall – 12.80m (42’ 0”), Width overall – 2.17m (7’ 2”), Height overall – 2.33m (7’ 8”), Main drive – 5.5kW three-phase, Energy requirement – 65-75 kW/day, Nominal capacity* – up to 2.1 tonnes, per day with bin-lifter feed unit; up to, 2.5 tonnes per day with ...

BACKHUS - Model 21 Series - Windrow Turners

by N40 Inc.     based in Rockwell, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

The newest addition to the BACKHUS family, the 21 Series, combines the latest in cutting edge turner technology with industry proven BACKHUS features such as industry leading fuel economy, quality craftsmanship, and large turning throughput capacities.

Menart - Windrow Turners

by MENART     based in Dour, BELGIUM

MENART turners have proven themselves in all types of material and in the most extreme work conditions: green waste, household waste, polluted soils, agro-industrial residue, animal evacuation.

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