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Vermiculture Workshop

by Vermitechnology Unlimited     based in FLORIDA (USA)

This workshop will focus on the raising of the European Nightcrawlers and Redworms. It will cover the construction of the worm beds, feedstock, reproduction and the care of hatchlings. It will also cover production of a quality vermicompost.


by BioCRUDE Technologies Inc.     based in Markham, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Undoubtedly composting and collection of biogas will be an important part of any waste management system. Composting of organic waste is a technology that has been shown to effectively address many of the problems associated with waste and manure management while providing reliable and usable by-products.

Composting Services

by ICS Composting Services GmbH     based in Herford, GERMANY

Organic waste is a resource that must be brought back to nature. This is an important element in adjusting our society to the ecocycle. Our systems provide a natural solution to the municipal sludge and solid waste disposal problem today. The organic wastes are converted into high quality compost. Using organic compost humus and nutrients can be ...

EcoSafe - Affiliate Program

by Plastics Solutions Inc. - ECOSAFE     based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

EcoSafe Affiliates are “local stakeholders” such as end-users, manufacturers, composters, haulers, Zero Waste consultants and distributors that commit to work together to build diversion programs that will work within the unique circumstances of their community. Development of these programs leverages the experience of our affiliates ...

Recycling & Composting Sites Service

by KPS Composting Ltd     based in Scaynes Hill, UNITED KINGDOM

We are proud to operate two large scale composting facilities in Sussex, which are fully licensed by the Environment Agency. We primarily accept garden and parks green waste collected by local authorities and private contractors. However we are able to compost a wide range of other materials so please contact us if you have material you would like ...

In-Vessel Composting of Segregated Wastes and Food Processor Wastes

by Civic Environmental Systems Ltd (CES)     based in Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM

The ciVic process starts with the delivery of wastes, which are deposited from the collection vehicle into the waste reception area. The waste is then fed by a mobile loading shovel into a shredder, which reduces the size of the waste material, breaking up any solid or bulky elements (wood etc). The shredded waste is fed into the top section of ...

Specialist Fields ans Expertise

by Cluster Déchets Solides     based in Charleroi, BELGIUM

Cluster has a proven track record in the life cycle of solid wastes of all types: Collection, Transport, Sorting and conditioning, Processing energetic enhancement and so on, Recycling, Composting, Bio-methanation, Land filling, Reducing disturbance factors, Building and rehabilitating sites, Building and operating plants, Exploitation et ...


by Synagro Technologies, Inc.     based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA)

Synagro lets you harness the power of composting, a natural process in which organic materials from biosolids to yard trimmings, leaves and food wastes decompose into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner. It’s an economically efficient, environmentally effective solution that produces an attractive end product for agricultural, horticultural and ...

Composting Services

by Nordevco Associates Ltd.     based in Winnipegosis, MANITOBA (CANADA)

The BactiDomus Technology provides industrial composters with the ability to accelerate the composting process. Inoculating your compost with the BactiDomus compost accelerator accelerates the initial heating of compost piles and allows the compost to maintain these higher temperatures longer, even under the cold weather conditions. This ...


by Budissa Agroservice GmbH     based in OT Kleinbautzen, Malschwitz, GERMANY

For several years, the bagging system is also used for composting organic waste, sewage sludge, green forage waste and other substances. By means of ventilatory tubes oxygen will be introduced in a controlled manner into the bags. Hence, the conditions and requirements necessary for the composting can be fulfilled and the smell-intensive main ...

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