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Model 500 Excellent Series - Food Disposer

by Disperator AB

The 500 Excellent Series has been designed to meet modern demands for the handling of food waste wherever it is produced in the kitchen. The grinding unit of special cast steel alloys and its unique shaft seals, together with IP55 classified motors ensure that the disposers give long and trouble free service. The choice of the basic ...

Food Waste Disposer (FWD)

by Ecofast Italia S.r.l.

Definition Of Domestic Food Waste Reduction System. The food waste disposers (FWD) are simple electrical appliances, normally placed under the kitchen sink, which grind, without the use of blades and so selectively, food waste discharging it directly into the sewerage system, and so to the wastewater treatment plants.

Model GTS-Series - Food Waste Processor

by Disperator AB

The Disperator food waste processor in the GTS-Series has been developed to meet the market's need for catering equipment for sorting at source and handling of food waste without using water as a means of transport. The system consists of two parts connected together with pipes; the food waste processor and a storage tank.

Model DAN2280 - Food Waste Disposer for Professional Use

by Ecofast Italia S.r.l.

Disposer Mod. DAN2280 The disposer is included into a 18/10 stainless steel cabinet which has the standard dimensions of a normal kitchen counters. The panel is equipped with IP55 push-button controls operating at 24V, with the Stop button protruding for emergency. The intake station is equipped with a mechanical protection which prevents the ...

700 series

by Duleek Packaging

Compact and space saving 700 Series food waste disposers offer excellent throughput and performance at low operating cost.The 700 Series food waste disposers can handle up to 850 covers per sitting, making them ideal for kitchens in medium sized hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals.Each unit features tough, hardened steel alloy cutting ...


by Duleek Packaging

The IMC WastePro dewaterer offers excellent levels of durability, reliability and performance for kitchens serving up to 1450 meals per sitting.Combined with a food waste disposer, WastePro deals with food waste at source, efficiently reducing waste volume by up to 80%. This offers significantly reduced food waste collection costs.WastePro is ...

Snop - Domestic Food Waste Reduction System

by Ecofast Italia S.r.l.

A Product Looking At The Future The Solution Not Yet Existing. The new Ecofast system for the household ecology, called SNOP, patented in Europe, Australia, China, japan, Korea, Singapore (PCT/EP02/01505) is the obvious solution in the management of the food waste. A food waste disposer grinds the food scraps just beneath the sink. Then, a special ...

FOWEX Food Waste Extractor

by Bitschnau Metallverarbeitung GmbH

Here at Bitschnau we have developed a product for you that will make you the envy of other businesses. And one that you soon won't want to be without. You know your kitchen and know that you cannot avoid the daily problem of organic food waste. This is where our FOWEX comes into play to make your kitchen more hygienic, create extra space, put an ...

Modular Food Waste Reduction System

by Ecofast Italia S.r.l.

Waste management general rules. Worldwide the waste management is a prior problem, particularly if it is food waste. Odours and leakages, greenhouse gas deriving from organic matter fermentation cannot more accepted. The answer is a proper collection and the reuse of this scrap. The reuse of the waste is strictly connected to its purity. Only an ...

Food Composting


Many kitchens all over the UK have recognised the commercial and environmental benefits of food dewatering and have adopted composting as a proven and natural method of treating organic materials to produce a product that is free of pathogens and high in nutrients adding valuable organic matter back into the soil.

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