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Air Duct Cleaning Service

by Water Damage Support

The method used by us at Water Damage Support for Air Duct Cleaning ensures that all your ducts are being cleaned by using the most advanced equipment available for source removal. The high-tech and advanced duct cleaners used by professional cleaners at Water Damage Support is one of the most advanced cleaning technology used throughout the Los ...

Vent & Duct Cleaning

by CSI - Chemical Specifics Inc.

CSI's Specialty Cleaning Group cleans and sanitizes HVAC ducts and air handling surfaces in a manner consistent with all National Air Duct Cleaners of America (NADCA) standards for cleaning non-porous air handling surfaces, and with special precautions to avoid damage to sensitive building structures and furnishings.

Air Duct Cleaning

by Indoor Air Professionals, Inc (IAP)

Clean air ducts are the first step to a healthier home. If the air ducts in your home have not been cleaned in the past 5 years, you could be breathing in:Mold, Mildew, Bacteria, Dust mites, Pollen, Animal dander, Dead skin cells, Dust and debris, other pollutants. Dirty ducts are not just a nuisance... they are unhealthy! The air flow ...

Duct Cleaning Services

by Swiftclean (UK) Ltd

Dirty air ducts and ventilation systems can affect your business in a variety of costly ways, these can include; a drop in productivity, low employee morale, computer downtime, ruined interior decorations and high capital expenditure to replace prematurely deteriorated air conditioning systems.

Antimicrobial Air Condition Duct System Cleaning

by Germguard Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd

Air Condition Duct Systems act as a collection source for various contaminants such as mold, bacteria, dust, debris and particles that have the potential to affect health and it’s a foundation of poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Duct Cleaning Services

by Restoration Environmental Contractors Ltd.

Restoration Environmental Duct Cleaning Contractors COMMERCIAL SERVICE including Industrial and Institutional Restoration Environmental Duct Cleaning Contractors Clean Air's environmental mould and asbestos training and experience has made us the choice of thousands of leading institutions, property managers, building owners like hospitals, ...

Air Hygiene Service

by H2O Nationwide Ltd

In recent years, it has become commonplace for buildings in the UK to have some form of air conditioning system installed. Whether this be a large air handling system serving fresh air throughout a complex network of ducts or a simple split unit serving one small room, they all have one thing in common; to provide the building users with clean, ...

Ductwork Cleaning Services

by Aquacair Limited

Not all supply ducts need cleaning but some will be in a poor condition with heavy accumulated dust in the duct staining ceilings and throwing dirt into the workplace. Imagine inhaling air through a dirty vacuum hose. Extract systems in particular; from toilets, changing rooms, hospitals, isolation rooms and production areas become blocked ...

Duct Cleaning Services

by Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, Inc. (I.C.E.R.)

It is important to monitor and maintain your duct system. Dust and contaminants enter your duct system and affect air quality. Smoke and soot caused by fire or smoke damage trapped inside the HVAC system guarantees poor air quality. An air duct affected by water intrusion is a perfect breeding ground for potentially toxic microbes which may be ...

Air Duct Cleaning

by Infection Control Technologies, (ICT)

IRS has been involved in the restoration industry for over 20 years servicing schools, commercial, and residential buildings that had been impacted by fire, flood and other environmental catastrophes. IRS technicians are trained to be knowledgeable in the industry standards for ventilation system cleaning and all work is performed according to ...

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