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DIABOLO - Cross Flow Shredder

by AUT Anlagen- und Umwelttechnologie GmbH

The DIABOLO Cross Flow Shredder combines two shredding methods in one machine which makes it an expert in the field of shredding and breaking up material compounds. Thanks to its two-step principle, even the toughest objects and composite materials, such as glass fibre reinforced plastics can be treated effectively, generating material particles ...

AUT - Cross Flow Shredder

by AUT Anlagen- und Umwelttechnologie GmbH

The AUT Cross Flow Shredder enables the comminution/crushing of mixed waste and scrap down to different (depending on the smallest size the material can be physically broken down into) or defined grit sizes. No matter whether you prefer a coarse or fine grit size, by means of the intelligent discharge method you can choose the size the input ...

Allegheny - 1000-Series - High Capacity Shredders

by Allegheny Shredders

Indestructible shredding power for the most demanding applications. For secure, high volume destruction, Allegheny’s 1000-Series Shredders are more successful than any in the industry – from 3 tons up to 15 tons per hour. For the most advanced shredding capability (up to 25 tons per hour) and highest level of security, the 1000-Series ...

AUT - Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP)

by AUT Anlagen- und Umwelttechnologie GmbH

Fighting windmills in a low-wear manner: The DIABOLO Cross Flow Shredder is the only crushing device available on the market at the moment that enables the low-wear and efficient comminution of glass fibre reinforced plastics. Being at the core of a complete treatment process, the DIABOLO provides the basis for the recovery of pure resources.


by Castolin Eutectic

CastoTube - the latest addition to our expanding range of semi-finished, anti-wear solutions for industry. Basically it consists of easy-to-weld mild steel tubes which have been internally wearface-welded with TeroMaTec 4666 alloy thus maintaining the exceptional wear resistance of our well known 4666 CastoDur Diamond Plates. Furthermore, by ...

Bunting - Crossbelt Separators

by Bunting Magnetics Co.

Bunting Magnetic Co. Magnetic Cross-Belt Conveyors are the “Conveyor of Choice” for continuous over-conveyor separation for the Recycling Industry to magnetically separate out ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials and protect Shredder and Grinder Equipment.

X:GRAN - Inline Recycling Machine

by NGR - Next Generation Recycling Maschinen GmbH

X:GRAN recycling machines series is the largest one. NGR X: GRAN machines are typically modular built. That means depending on the application the extruder, screen changer as well as the pelletizer can be varied. Due to our well-proven ONE STEP technology  the X:GRAN guarantees consistent high output rates from 900-2000 kg/h [2000 – ...

Metal Cleaning

by ANDRITZ MeWa - Andritz Group

Pure metals generate sales revenues. The aim is to separate these metals out of the composites. These metal-plastic mixtures are normally produced when they have gone through a metal separator in a processing plant. Large quantities of plastic stick to the metal that they contain and make the mixtures worthless. To gain a metal fraction that can ...

F:GRAN - Inline Recycling Machine

by NGR - Next Generation Recycling Maschinen GmbH

On the basis of the S:GRAN and X:GRAN extruder concepts the F:GRAN recycling machines without a cutter have been designed for flakes applications. The pelletizer output ranges from 140 – 2000 kg/h [300 – 4400 lbs/h].

AUT - Drying Tower for Recycling Process

by AUT Anlagen- und Umwelttechnologie GmbH

As part of the recycling process of cooling units, the insulating foam is ground down during the mechanical treatment step. In this process, the chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) contained in cooling units with a polyurethane insulation are released. Since the CFC does not always manage to degas entirely during the recycling process, the drying tower ...

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