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Sludge Treatment and Disposal

by IWA Publishing

Sludge Treatment and Disposal is the sixth volume in the series Biological Wastewater Treatment. The book covers in a clear and informative way the sludge characteristics, production, treatment (thickening, dewatering, stabilisation, pathogens removal) and disposal (land application for agricultural purposes, sanitary landfills, landfarming and ...;

The Handbook of Landfill Operations

by Blue Ridge Services, Inc.

Thousands of copies of The Handbook of Landfill Operations have been sold throughout the U.S. and around the world. It is the industry reference for landfill engineers, owners and operators. Used as a textbook at colleges and at SWANA’s ”Operational Issues for Landfill Managers” class, this book has helped our industry ...;

The Handbook of Landfill Safety

by Blue Ridge Services, Inc.

The Handbook of Landfill Safety is the industry’s only book on landfill safety, written by Neal Bolton, the industry's leading expert on landfill safety and the author of The Handbook of Landfill Operations. If your crew is tired of hearing about highway safety, underground mining and all the other topics that really don’t have ...;

World Biomass Report – Market Research

by NRG Expert

This report analyses the global biomass market, the market drivers and the key components for future growth. A renewable energy resource, biomass fuel is derived from living biological material. While not yet fully competitive, the economics of biomass energy production are improving. This report provides crucial statistics, intelligence on new ...;

Cleaning Up the Environment

by Eurospan Ltd

The industrial might of the United States grew in the 1930s and flourished during the two world wars. As businesses large and small supplied the needs of the country, they discarded their wastes in landfills, pits, and waterways. It was an easy and inexpensive way to get rid of wastes before more were made. Waste dumping had not yet been linked ...;

Recycling Concrete : Executive Summary

by Earthprint Ltd

This report argues that recycling concrete reduces natural resource exploitation and waste going to landfill. It asks for an ultimate goal of ?zero landfill? of concrete.;

Evapotranspiration Covers for Landfills and Waste Sites

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

As technology and production escalate, the scourge of landfill waste increasingly threatens the environment. This book examines the evapotranspiration (ET) landfill cover, a new and innovative remedy for landfill waste. Offering a solution to conventional landfill, which utilize barriers to the natural flow of water and is therefore expensive and ...;

Handbook of Regenerative Landscape Design

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

What if environmentally damaged landscapes could not only be remediated from an ecological standpoint, but also designed to replenish an entire community as well as the nature surrounding it? The Handbook of Regenerative Landscape Design incorporates ecology, engineering, sociology, and design elements into a new paradigm for environmental ...;

Directory & Atlas of Non-Hazardous Waste Sites

by Waste Business Journal

This is the only directory of its kind and is the most up-to-date and comprehensive facility database of over 7,400 waste processing and disposal facilities across the US. Comprehensive industry data at your fingertipsThe Directory & Atlas of Non-Hazardous Waste Sites is a powerful research and analysis tool that provides you with up-to-date ...;

Land Use Effects on Streamflow and Water Quality in the Northeastern United States

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

Filling a long-standing need for a desk reference that synthesizes current research, Land Use Effects on Streamflow and Water Quality in the Northeastern United States reviews and discusses the impact of forest management, agriculture, and urbanization. The book provides a gateway to the diverse scientific literature that is urgently needed to ...;

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