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THE CROCODILE - Drainage Systems

by Heger GmbH & Co.KG

Drained material is easier to process or recycle. THE CROCODILE range of Heger drainage systems are used for solid/liquid separation and the removal of residual liquids from waste products. THE CROCODILE drains out free-flowing contents from plastic cups, Tetra Pak packaging, cans or PET bottles, drains sewage sludge and industrial was- te and ...

Leachate Drainage and UV Mechanical Protection on Slope Under Geomembrane


Placed directly on the geomembrane,DRAINTUBE FT UV permits to drain rainfall water and leachate. It protects also the geomembrane against punching. The filter geotextile of DRAINTUBE FT UV is resistant to Ultra Violet radiations. The geocomposite can be exposed during the working period of the landfill keeping its main hydraulic and mechanical ...

Petexdren - Drainage Mat

by JUTA a.s.

Drainage mat made of omni-directionally oriented polyethylene filaments. It is being manufactured in a variety of thicknesses and areal weights according to the existing requirements for in-plain flow capacity.

Landfill Equipment

by ARVIS Environmental Enterprises of Greece SA

High Temperature Biogas Burning Flares. Compact Type Biogas Burning Flares. Special Pipes for Biogas and for Drainages. Biogas Wellheads. Condensate Arrestors. Geomembranes. Monitoring Systems. Supplementary Equipment.

Gas Drainage and Mechanical Protection Under Geomembrane-Landfill Embankments


Placed under the geomembrane in direct contact with the ground, DRAINTUBE FT permits to drain infiltrated water and gas even under high pressure and protects geomembrane against punching.

Geochem - Drainage Geocomposites Cover

by Geochem Engineering SA

GEOCHEM ENGINEERING's Drainage Geocomposites cover Drainage applications which start from Building Projects to complex Environmental and Infrastructure Projects.

Genap - Bottom and Cover Geomembranes for Landfill Sites

by Genap B.V.

A bottom and cover geomembrane for landfill sites always involves a geomembrane that isolates the contamination in order to protect the environment or to specifically protect against potential future contamination. The seals have to be made under an installation certificate by a certified company. Genap has held this stringent KIWA certification ...

Secudrain - Filter Nonwoven Geotextiles with Drainage Core

by NAUE GmbH & Co.KG

Secudrain is a three-dimensional composite product, consisting of a drainage core and firmly attached filter nonwoven geotextiles for drainage applications.

Lining Systems - Base

by Maccaferri Group

The base barrier system is the most sensitive component of the landfill system since it must protect the underlying soil and groundwater from pollution. This barrier system is also a vital component in mining leachate lagoons, heap leach pads, and agricultural waste storage areas.Maccaferri has designed various barrier systems depending on the ...

Geogrids and Soil Stabilisation Materials

by Wallbarn Ltd

Geogrids are used on civil engineering and road construction projects to provide strong and rot-free sub base layers. For initial site access roads, or where the ground below has low or irregular load bearing capacity, or is sloping; a variety of different geogrids are available to reinforce the soil structure.They have high tensile strength, so ...

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