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Rental Flares System


Rental flares provide a convenient, temporary flaring solution when flaring must exist during scheduled flare maintenance intervals or plant downtime. Flare Industries has an extensive inventory of rental flares that fit your application; whether a sonic flare, utility flare, or air-assist flare is required for temporary flaring, Flare Industries ...

Mach-1 - Sonic Flares


Mach-1 Sonic Flares are used in both onshore and offshore applications to dispose of high pressure waste gas streams with high smokeless capacities. By efficiently inducing high volumes of ambient air for more complete, smokeless combustion at sonic velocities, this advanced flaring technology allows for reduced levels of radiation, and can be ...

Model 100 - Continuum Ignitor System


The Model 100 Continuum Ignitor utilizes a high voltage electric arc to ignite a combustible air/gas mixture. This arc occurs every 20 seconds for a two second duration (timing is adjustable). The Continuum provides a spark inside a ‘slipstream' chamber that diverts a portion of the waste gas to create a combustible air/gas mixture. This ...

Liquid Seal Drum


The liquid seal drum is a specially designed vessel containing a predetermined level of water in the base of the drum. The main purpose of the liquid seal drum is to stop flame propagation in the unlikely event of flashback. The liquid seal also acts as a large check valve so that gas can not travel upstream for any reason. A third function of the ...

Flame Ring Flares (Low Heating Value)


Carbon Dioxide, or CO2, is often used in fire extinguishers and snuffing systems; so you can imagine what it is like to try and burn it. Many of our clients have flare applications which require disposal of gas streams with high carbon dioxide content. As the volumetric percentage of CO2 increases, the flaring capacity of a given flare system ...

Triton Sonic Flares


Triton sonic flare technology allows for safe, efficient, and smokeless flaring at elevated oil and gas production rates by injecting sea water into the flame envelope. High pressure sea water injection reduces flare emissions, helps minimize overall radiation levels from the flame, abates combustion noise, and preserves flame characteristics ...

Terminal Loading Flares For Complex Systems


Terminal Loading Flares are complex systems, typically installed in truck and rail loading/cleaning facilities, designed to flare a tremendous number of pollutants in a safe manner. Becuase flashback is of primary concern with systems of this nature, Flare Industries incorporates anti-flashback burner tips, liquid seals, and flame arrestors as ...

Molecular (Labyrinth) Seals


Continuously sweeping a stack with purge gas can result in exorbitant operating expenses over time; especially for large diameter stacks. The Molecular Seal is a purge reduction device which allows the flare system operator to use 98% less purge gas while continually sweeping the system. The savings in daily purge gas consumption over the long run ...

Slot-Flow Air-Assist Flares (SFVP)


Slot Flow Air Assisted flares are comprised of two concentric risers (waste gas and air) and a blower system that provides supplemental combustion air. Air is fed by the blower into the air riser, to combine with the process gas, which passes through it's own secondary riser. Upon mixing, the high-pressure air flow causes turbulence in the waste ...

Turbomix Air-Assist Flares (TMA)


Turbo-Mix Air Assisted flares are comprised of two tandem risers (waste gas and air) and a blower system that provides supplemental combustion air. In contrast to the Slot Flow Air Assist Flare Design, the TMA employs tandem air and gas risers to provide a more economical flare package when a large quantity of smokeless air is required. Mixing of ...

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