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PET Recycling (Blown Bottles)

by Nuga Systems AG

The area of PET bottle recycling is characterised by very high wear and tear on the machines. Frequent blade changes, high energy costs, poor accessibility and thus long downtimes – these are the substantial problems with which recycling firms struggle to increase the cost effectiveness of their systems. With the CentriCut from Nuga Systems ...

Netplasmak - PET Bottle Recycling Line

by Netplasmak Ltd.

This line is designed to reclaim presorted PET bottles. A sorting conveyor is placed at the beginning of the line and PET bottles to be recycled is presorted manually. Foreign matters, particularly PVC bottles are removed by experienced workers. At this stage color separation is done as well. Loading conveyor feeds PET bottles in a regular manner ...

3E - PET Bottle Washing Plant

by Guangzhou Lianguan Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mainly for crushing, cleaning, bottle cap and label separating, drying, packing of waste and scrap PET bottles, which enable the waste and scrap PET material to become recyclable. According to the different output, the following standard specifications are available. (Special requirements could be on customers’ requirement)

Ecopolymer - Model PET - Bottles Compacting

by Ecopolymer

Nowadays amounts of PET used are rather high and they are going to increase in future. Beer, juice, sunflower oil, milk, water and cleansers are usually bottled in PET. Such packaging can be recycled without losing its valuable features (transparency, water resistance etc.). That is why the interest in   PET-bottles processing is ...

BRT - Model PERF-O-MAT - Perforator for PET Bottles and Plastic Containers

by BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH

Perforating of PET bottles and other receptacles makes storing and processing of plastic containers much easier. Even large volume or filled bottles or cans are perforated by almost 100%. During perforation, the plastic containers are additionally flattened. A flat bottle can not roll and is much better to handle.

T-Type PET Bottle Recycling System

by Zhejiang Boretech Co., Ltd.

It’s been over 20 years in developing washing, recycling of wasted PET bottles’ production process. From the ways of handling procedures, it’s been divided 2 main streams, which are Washing, Separation first, Grinding last. Or grinding first then Washing, Separation last. The whole concepts are followed the front processes, and ...

POSEIDON Series - Model P-C200 - Recycling Machines for PET Bottle Beverage

by Zhenjiang Intco Environment Protection Machinery Co.,LTD

After squeezing the liquid out of the bottles, the weight of disposals is about 10% to the before. At the mean time, the volume ratio is around 6:1. This could help the drink company saving a lot of handling cost as well as smaller storage space, and the cost for transport of the compacted PET Bottles is also lowered. Compacted PET bottles could ...

ConCut - Shredder for large-volume blown bottles and plastics

by Nuga Systems AG

The ConCut shredder solutions have been developed for shredding large-volume blown bottles and plastics with low bulk density. The material to be granulated is conveyed with a conveyor belt into the ConCut's hopper. Via the special geometry of the rotor the material is packed and sheared between rotor- and stator blades. The granulation results ...

EXPLECO - Glass Bottle Crusher

by DurablEnviro Ltd.

Need for Space: Glass bottles have a large amount of waste volume that is air. Storage spaces in busy congested areas have become more scarce and expensive. Waste management expenses are continually growing. Sustainable business practices are now a priority. Transportable volume is a key factor in recycling costs.

Ecopolymer - Model PET - Bottles for Screw Compactor Separates

by Ecopolymer

Big companies, producing carbonated drinks, juices and dairy products, often face the problem of defective, returned and expired products recycling as well as the problem of their processing and transportation of waste. The advantages from compacting equipment installation: Saving a storage space; reduction of transportation costs in the trade of ...

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