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Plastic Bottles

by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

Use PEL balers to bale empty plastic bottles. It is recommended the bottles are placed in a plastic bag before baling to ensure a compact bale is produced. All types of PET and plastic bottles can be baled, such as water bottles and soft drinks. Plastic bottles should have their lids removed, or be perforated before baling. This helps create a ...

BRT - PERF-O-MAT - Perforator for PET Bottles and Plastic Containers

by BRT Recycling Technologie GmbHb - Eggersmann Group

Perforating of PET bottles and other receptacles makes storing and processing of plastic containers much easier. Even large volume or filled bottles or cans are perforated by almost 100%. During perforation, the plastic containers are additionally flattened. A flat bottle can not roll and is much better to handle.

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment - 700 - Plastic and cardboard balers

by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

The PEL 700 baler is the perfect solution for dealing with volumes of cardboard or plastic, particularly when space is at a premium. As with all PEL manufactured waste reduction equipment, the baler range is heavy duty with an excellent finish, primed and powder coated salt resistant coating.PEL takes a keen interest in health and safety. All PEL ...

Fox - SBM3 - Plastic Bottle Crushed

by Fox Pollution Systems (UK) Ltd

The FoxSBM3 is used for the purpose of reducing the volume on all types of plastic containers and cans. This includes all types of beverage bottles and cans, food containers, milk cartons, yogurt contains, fruit containers, detergent bottles etc. It should be noted that this unit is especially effective in dealing with Polyethylene terephthalete ...

SB 102 - Small Plastic Bottle Shredder

by F&M Plastics Machinery, Inc.

Small single shaft shredders for bottles and small plastic parts recycling. Small bottle shredders, handle bottles up to 64oz. Ideal for beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and many other containers or small plastic parts. Unit can be set up with a basket in a drum to separate liquids.

RA-202 - Plastic Extraction Bottle

by Analytical Testing Corp.

These inexpensive polyethylene plastic bottles are wide-mouth (100mm), easy to clean and sized for the TCLP protocol.

Plastic Bottles Press

by COGELME Separation technology

Cogelme Cylinder press effectively cost saving equipment, that excellent presses and perforates plastic bottles, Tetra-pak, metallic cans, spray, etc. It remakes the technical characteristics of the material, turning it to valuable product for better and simpler further it’s processing.

Paper, Cardboard and Plastics Horizontal Baling Presses


High performance fully automatic horizontal hydraulic balers to process paper, cardboard, plastics bottles, plastics films, textiles and all dried recyclables. Vertical, horizontal or double auto-tie systems.

ANIS - PET - Perforator for Plastic Bottles & Presses

by ANIS TREND d.o.o.

The PET perforator for plastic bottles perforates and presses the air out of the bottles, improving the filling density and the quality of the bales. It provides the following: Heavier bale weight that will lower transport costs when loaded onto a truck or into a container.

NRT MultiSort - IR - Advanced Automated Plastic Bottle Sorter

by Bulk Handling Systems

The MultiSort IR advanced automated plastic bottle sorter is a high performance system designed for 24/7 operation. Used in MRF applications worldwide, the system utilizes high speed industrial infrared sensing to detect specific polymers within a mixed stream of material and incorporates high precision air ejectors to accurately sort selected ...

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