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Module Systems

by Sutco UK Ltd     based in Purley, UNITED KINGDOM

Module Systems is waste which is collected in a mixed a nd unseated manner. Approx. 250 kg of household waste is generated In the European households per capita every year. Household waste mainly contains m a-terials.suchas: organic waste (garden and kitchen waste), paper/cardboard, mineral material, plastics, textiles, glass, metals, leather, ...

LUCAS Anaerobic

by Ion Exchange Waterleau Ltd.     based in Navi Mumbai, INDIA

LUCAS Anaerobic is the brand name for an anaerobic waste water treatment system which uses  Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket, Upflow Anaerobic Contact, Anaerobic Filtration and Hybrid Anaerobic Filtration technologies for treating waste water depending on specific requirement. The LUCAS Anaerobic technology is typically applied as a first ...

AUT - Secondary Fuels Become Primary Energy Carriers

by AUT Anlagen- und Umwelttechnologie GmbH     based in Chemnitz, GERMANY

Secondary fuels become primary energy carriers. This AUT process enables the generation of an energy carrier from mixed and untreated municipal solid waste (MSW) that contains a great amount of organic substances. The energy carrier produced by this process can replace up to 95% or the carbon (coal) used in industrial combustion processes.

Liquidator Animal Waste Reducer

by Probiotic Solutions - a registered trademark of Bio Huma Netics, Inc.     based in Gilbert, ARIZONA (USA)

LIQUIDATOR works by balancing the natural biology of the lagoon or pit. Rapid microbial action digests solids and controls odors. Solids are liquefied into a healthy liquid compost. Manure nitrogen is converted to organic nitrogen that is more stable in soil root zone and is less subject to leaching. LIQUIDATOR also increases the biological ...

Sordisep Technology

by Organic Waste Systems     based in Ghent, BELGIUM

The wet separation process is positioned after the DRANCO digester in order to treat a digestate free from sticky organic components which are converted into biogas in the digester, facilitating wet separation and optimal removal of inerts and sand. Inerts, sand and organic fraction can be recovered and cleaned in order to produce marketable ...

Vermigold Organic Waste Processor

by Vermigold Ecotech Pvt Ltd     based in Mumbai, INDIA

The Vermigold Organic Waste Processor is a specially designed shredder cum mixer to shred and mix the organic kitchen, garden, paper and cardboard waste before introducing the waste material in the Organic Digester. It is powered by a 5 HP motor and tackles a wide variety of waste streams with ease. The Digester is assisted by the Waste-Processor ...

Tannery ZLD for Effluent Treatment

by Canadian Clear     based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA)

Leather tanning is one of the largest industries world wide, process involves skins, hides, hairs, tissues, and wet blue to finishing. Tannins are used along with salt and pickling. Normally these organic effluent consists of nominal loads of BOD in the range of 650- 1200 and COD in the range of 4000 - 6000. Process always involves anaerobic- ...

Organics & Green Waste Containers

by Cascade Cart Solutions     based in Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN (USA)

From countertop to curb, Cascade offers a variety of containers for organics and green waste collection. No matter your collection needs, we can offer you the right-sized product from in-home use to commercial food waste collection.

KLAWA - Mechanical Cleaning

by KLAWA Anlagenbau GmbH     based in Gudensberg, GERMANY

Screening units are one of the oldest wastewater cleaning devices. Many different types have been developed and rejected over time. And today, development work continues to make progress. Grit washing plants are another technical solution for mechanical cleaning. Wastewater is treated to extract grit from the inflow and send it for recovery. ...

Reactor for Organic Matter Machine

by Enerpy BV     based in Maarn, NETHERLANDS

Enerpy has developed a clean technology that efficiently produces raw materials from organic waste. The RMO is the solution for many waste problems. Organic waste can efficiently be converted with the RMO. Agro-industrial residues, used tires, green waste, domestic waste, litter etc. All organic waste with an animal or vegetable origin, consisting ...

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