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Herhof - Composting System of Organic Waste

by Herhof GmbH     based in Solms, GERMANY

The Herhof box composting system is globally recognized in installations around the world. Over 40 Herhof composting plants operate successfully in all climatic zones. This is a testament to the high quality of the Herhof box composting system.

GORE Cover For Organic Waste Treatment

by W. L. Gore & Associates     based in Newark, MARYLAND (USA)

Another environmental use for a special Gore laminate called GORE™ Cover is organic waste treatment. This System Technology, first put on the market in 1994, is increasing the throughput, accelerating the composting procedure and improving the quality of the degraded material, all at the same time as reliably retaining oders and microbes.

Molok BioSystem - For Collecting Organic Waste

by Molok Ltd     based in Nokia, FINLAND

Molok BioSystem is a hygienic and efficient method for collecting organic waste. It is installed inside of a 1,3m³ Molok container (BioSystem 1300/800) or 800 litres (BioSystem 800/500). BioSystem has a separate liquid container where the fluid appearing from the organic waste is draining through a perforated plate.

Helesi - Pre Sorting Bin 10Ltr

by Helesi Plc     based in Tseri Nicosia, CYPRUS

The 9.4L VS 10L Pre-Sorting Bin can be used in private households, kitchens, offices and industrial facilities for sorting and collecting organic waste. Its small size and practical design make it an indispensable help, particularly in the kitchen. The 10L bin can be used individually or together with pre-sorting bins in other colours for sorting ...

Mechanical Biological Plants (MBT)

by TAIM WESER     based in Zaragoza, SPAIN

The basic concept of MBT plants is the mechanical treatment of MSW (municipal solid waste) by separating valuable material and the biological treatment of the organic fraction.Our machines and plants are specifically designed for the extreme environmental conditions and have proven their reliability for many years.

MINOS - Mild INertisation of Organic Waste & Sludge On-site Solutions & Local Operation Service

by Arena COMET NV     based in Zele, BELGIUM

Mild INertisation of Organic Waste & Sludge On-site Solutions & Local Operation Service  ARENA specializes in ON SITE inertization systems for organic and high calorific waste streams and sludge (medical waste, hazardous waste, …) per the latest standards, and using the latest ecological technologies. Our ‘Ghibli’ reactor process and gas treatment ...

Compost Accelerator - Composting Accelerating Microbial Blend

by Bio-Solv     based in Seyches, FRANCE

100% organic Compost Accelerator accelerates the degradation of vegetable matter and carbohydrate waste to produce the highest quality compost. Ideal for Professional manufacturers, Parks and gardens Management Company and private individuals.produce for Professional manufacturers, Parks and gardens Management Company and private individuals. ...

AnaEG - Treatment of Organic or Biological Waste

by Ronser Bio-Tech Sdn. Bhd.     based in Bandar Damansara Perdana, MALAYSIA

AnaEG is a state-of-the-art technology for treatment of organic or biological waste. It is designed and patented by Professor Zhang Zhenjia, head of the School of Environment at Shanghai Jiaotong University. It has the capability to effectively treat a wide range of wastewater and is particularly efficient for problematic wastewater with very high ...

Biogas Plants

by Zorg Biogas AG     based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Biogas production is possible on biogas plants of very different scale. They can be small plants to produce energy for local needs or gigantic centralized Energy Parks for gas and electric power supply to public grid. Specially grown energy crops, agricultural industry wastes and many food wastes are all suitable for biogas production. Feedstock ...

Waste Tire Recycling Plant

by CleanTech Solutions Technology, LLC. (CTSTC)     based in Cottonport, LOUISIANA (USA)

The Perfect Solution (Pyrolysis Process)Pyrolysis is the decomposition of organic compounds under oxygen free (anaerobic) atmosphere that produces gas, oil, carbon black and steel. Efficient industrial Pyrolysis is a process to treat the rubber and industrial plastic wastage as well. As a result of pyrolysis of wastage tyres one obtains, FUEL OIL ...

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