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Helesi - Pre Sorting Bin 10Ltr

by Helesi Plc     based in Tseri Nicosia, CYPRUS

The 9.4L VS 10L Pre-Sorting Bin can be used in private households, kitchens, offices and industrial facilities for sorting and collecting organic waste. Its small size and practical design make it an indispensable help, particularly in the kitchen. The 10L bin can be used individually or together with pre-sorting bins in other colours for sorting ...

GaiaRecycle - Model G-3HP - Plant Systems

by GaiaRecycle, Inc.     based in Palo Alto, CALIFORNIA (USA)

GaiaRecycle provides the expertise and technology scalability to deliver large organic waste recycling plants (up to 100+ tons) to address sizable amounts of organic waste from large food manufacturers, food producers or livestock processing plants. With over 18 years of research and operational experience, these systems have been successfully ...

Mechanical Biological Plants (MBT)

by TAIM WESER     based in Zaragoza, SPAIN

The basic concept of MBT plants is the mechanical treatment of MSW (municipal solid waste) by separating valuable material and the biological treatment of the organic fraction.Our machines and plants are specifically designed for the extreme environmental conditions and have proven their reliability for many years.

Liquidator Animal Waste Reducer

by Probiotic Solutions - a registered trademark of Bio Huma Netics, Inc.     based in Gilbert, ARIZONA (USA)

LIQUIDATOR works by balancing the natural biology of the lagoon or pit. Rapid microbial action digests solids and controls odors. Solids are liquefied into a healthy liquid compost. Manure nitrogen is converted to organic nitrogen that is more stable in soil root zone and is less subject to leaching. LIQUIDATOR also increases the biological ...

GD Range of Organic Waste Incinerators

by Haat Incinerators India Private Limited     based in Bangalore, INDIA

The design concept of this incinerator enables the use of only one burner in place of two, thereby enabling high cost savings. The incinerator contains two chambers housed in the same shell. Waste that is loaded in the primary chamber is burnt and the products of combustion flow above the hearth, change direction and flow across the primary ...

Biogest - Model Amnite S250 - Septic Tank Treatment - Organic Waste Degrader

by Cleveland Biotech Ltd.     based in Stockton on Tees, UNITED KINGDOM

Septic Tank Organic Solids Degrader (Biogest) : Selected, naturally occurring Hazard Group 1 micro-organisms to degrade organic solids, surfactants, free enzymes and nutrients, cereal based carrier, blue dye.

Biogest - Model Amnite S350X (liquid ecoloo) - Liquid Biological Waste Degrader & Deodouriser

by Cleveland Biotech Ltd.     based in Stockton on Tees, UNITED KINGDOM

The product contains: Naturally occurring Hazard Group 1 micro-organisms selected for their ability to produce high levels of lipase, amylase, cellulase and protease enzymes, nutrients, trace elements and minerals to activate growth of micro-organisms surfactants to emulsify the substrates and enhance oxygen transfer, fragrance and dye.

C.I.Agent - Hydrocarbon Solidifying Polymers

by C.I.Agent Solutions     based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA)

C.I.Agent is a proprietary blend of USDA food-grade polymers that is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and non-hazardous. C.I.Agent is listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule as a “Solidifier” for use on oil spills in the navigable waters of the United States. C.I.Agent polymers have a long chain ...

Organic Waste

by VAUCHE SA - Groupe Vauché     based in SEDAN, FRANCE

Design and manufacture of composting plants, screening and refining compost plants, biomethanation plants, air treatment units.

Eco-Digester - Model CS 2KG - For Recycling Of Organic Waste

by Ecoecosse Ltd.     based in Dunoon, UNITED KINGDOM

This neat little model is must for the eco-conscious household. Smart and compact, it would fit nicely into any kitchen or utility room. Unlike other composters, it can happily process all food waste, including small bones, so will dramatically reduce the amount of rubbish created in your kitchen and mean no more smelly bins. It will also provide ...

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