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Bunting - Move-IT - Conveyor Systems

by Bunting Magnetics Co.     based in Newton, KANSAS (USA)

Built to order, Priced like Stock. Operational FlexibilityAt Bunting, our conveyors work within many different types of applications. We can provide smaller part and scrap removal conveyors that will convey parts out of a machine. Also, our conveyors work in conjunction with main trunk line systems collecting product from multiple machines.

Plate Housing Magnets

by Bunting Magnetics Co.     based in Newton, KANSAS (USA)

Choke-Free Protection, Bunting Plate Housing Magnets resist bridging and choking to remove tramp iron and ferrous fines from flow-resistant bulk materials. The stainless steel housings mount easily to enclosed spouting or directly on processing equipment. Optional square, rectangular, and round adapters can be supplied to your specifications for ...

Model FF - Drawer Filter Magnets

by Bunting Magnetics Co.     based in Newton, KANSAS (USA)

Industry Standard for Extrusion, Injection and Blow Molding Equipment. Now even better….for four decades Bunting® Drawer Magnets have been the plastic industry’s most popular choice for extrusion, injection and blow molding equipment. Our FF Series Drawers come standard with super-strong Neodymium Rare Earth magnets powerful ...

Freon Removal Systems

by SEDA-Environmental     based in Fayetteville, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Fastest overall ARI certified recovery rates in its class.Powerful 1HP oil-less reciprocating recovery compressor.Exceptional compressor, condensing & cooling systems allow fast recovery in high temperature environments.Automatic Low Pressure shut-off feature turns unit off when recovery is completed.Rugged high density double walled plastic ...

Sound Absorber

by Colasit     based in Spiez, SWITZERLAND

Sound-proofing enclosure with casing made of approx. 1.2 mm thick, sendzimir-galvanised steel sheeting. Self-supporting frame made from aluminium profile with a closely-fitting edge-protection seal. Non-imflammable mineral wool filling covered with perforated steel sheeting. Removable side panels. Wall thickness 45mm. Convection cooling or forced ...

Plaswood Plastic Lumber

by Ecogrid Ltd     based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM

It is the only product on the market made from waste agricultural plastics, mainly used silage stretch wrap and crop cover. Silage stretch wrap in particular is an excellent feedstock for Plaswood, as it is an octane linear plastic, meaning a technically superior and strong material.

Hygenic Baggers

by Claro Inc     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Claro provides hygienic baggers that isolate screenings or other reject materials in a continuous, tubular plastic bag that automatically unfolds into a standard receiving bin. Favored by facility operators, the bagging unit prevents contact with reject materials and promotes a hygienic, odor-controlled working environment. Composed of a stainless ...

Bionet - Method for Installing Plastic Random Filter Media

by Warden Biomedia     based in Luton, UNITED KINGDOM

Bionet is a perfect method of securing and installing the plastic random filter media in situ. Designed for municipal and package sewage plants BioNet is ideal for random media filtration control for water processing. BioNet has major long term health and safety benefits for staff both for initial installation and for longer term maintenance.

Polychem Plastic Scrapers Systems

by MITA Biorulli S.r.l.     based in SIZIANO, ITALY

Biological wastewater treatment plants are presented with a recurring pattern, which provides at least three phases of treatment: primary treatments, of which the primary sedimentation, biological treatment and secondary sedimentation are part of. Sludge scrapers are used for the removal of decanted solids in sedimentation tanks.

Air Drum Separator

by Krause Manufacturing, Inc. (KMI)     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

A CP Group partner; Ken Mills Engineering’s Air Drum Separator (ADS) easily removes 2-dimensional waste such as paper, shredded paper and film from 3-dimensional material streams in any MRF. The Air Drum Separator applies vacuum technology through a rotating, perforated drum to draw flexible, two-dimensional material against the drum, ...

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