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TITECH - Model autosort - Multifunctional Sorting System

by TOMRA Sorting (TITECH)     based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY

The TITECH autosort is a multifunctional sorting system to recover a wide range of pieces of material from different waste streams, single stream, packaging, paper, household waste and other sorting tasks looking for enhanced material information and color in combination.

BHS - Model BBU - Bale Breakdown Unit

by Bulk Handling Systems     based in Eugene, OREGON (USA)

The BHS Bale Breakdown Unit (BBU) is designed to convert baled plastic containers into singulated pieces for effective processing downstream. The ruggedly-built BBU is constructed to withstand the demanding operating environment of today’s plastic processor. BHS meets this demand with the BBU-90 and integral infeed conveyor. Bales are fed ...

Light-Weight Packagings Sorting Systems

by Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH     based in Bergisch, GERMANY

Input material: In case of recyclable materials a distinction is made between the packing waste identified by e.g. the Green Dot (Germany), Eco-Emballages (France), Valpack (England) and in other 22 European countries, i.e. packing waste collected in bags, barrels or recyclable material containers as well as recyclable material collected by the ...

Nihot - Air Technologies

by Bulk Handling Systems     based in Eugene, OREGON (USA)

Nihot Recycling Technology uses controlled air to efficiently and reliably separate waste by its density characteristics. These units are at the core of our patented MSW sorting process, and are used to liberate the lighter (and higher value) products from inert and contaminated materials. When applied to C&D recycling, this technology can ...


by Vecoplan AG     based in Bad Marienberg, GERMANY

Plastic is environment protection! Conserve resources, save energy. Technical plastics are largely made of crude oil. Due to their technical characteristics, production remains from plastics and sorted plastics are highly suitable for economic recycling. Thus, the recycling of plastic materials helps signifi cantly to preserve crude oil resources ...

CIRRUS - Paper Sorting Equipment

by MSS, Inc.     based in Nashville, TENNESSEE (USA)

The CIRRUS optical sorter uses new high-resolution NIR/Color sensors and provides ultimate separation performance for plastics, paper, e-scrap (WEEE), and other small particle applications.The CIRRUS accurately sorts these materials using advanced identification algorithms and precise air jets. The CIRRUS shown above is configured in a conveyor ...

Sorting Plant

by Nehlsen International     based in Bremen, GERMANY

Sorting plant for commercial and packaging waste In sorting plants, different types of post-consumer packaging waste and commercial waste are separated

Simple-Sort CD System

by Action Equipment Company, Inc.     based in Newberg, OREGON (USA)

The SIMPLE-SORT CD System is an elementary set-up for processing small to medium volumes (150-250 yards per hour) with elevated loading as shown or at ground level. Simple maintenance, operation, and minimal processing costs are system hallmarks fully capable of recovering wood, OCC, metals, concrete, dirt (ADC), and plastics. Larger customized ...

Waste Plastics

by Gorenje Surovina d.o.o.     based in Maribor, SLOVENIA

Plastics have been a part of our lives already for several decades. Large amounts of plastic waste generated every day can be normally recycled into the secondary raw material. Recycled plastics can be used for technologically less demanding products than it were originally used. A large percentage of plastics are recycled from the packaging ...

ATA - Recovery and Recycling of Plastic Waste

by ATA Engineering Srl     based in Roncadelle, ITALY

The plastic waste recovered from the diversified collection needs a further treatment before being ready to be used for the production of daily use objects. We can supply transport, screening, washing, sorting and drying systems for plastic materials.

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