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Eldan Recycling - M16-2 - ACSR Shear Indispensable Machine

by Eldan Recycling A/S

If you process ACSR Cable or any other similar material, the ACSR Shear M16-2 is an indispensable machine. The ACSR Shear M16-2 provides a safe and effi cient means of reducing long cable lengths in seconds. It is simple to load, it is simple to operate, it is simple to maintain. The ACSR Shear M16-2 offers a very useful and economic way of ...

Microdust - Pro - Data Logging Instrument

by Casella

Microdust Pro is a rugged, hand-held, data logging instrument for the real-time detection of airborne dusts, fumes and aerosols. A quick, easy to use instrument, giving the user additional qualitative data which cannot be gained by gravimetric air sampling methods alone. This extremely versatile instrument can also be used with a range of ...

Eldan - Overband Magnet Seperate

by Eldan Recycling A/S

The Overband Magnet seperate out the ferrous particles from the other material (f.x. aluminium or rubber granulate).

Eldan - BFS5 - Buffer Silo

by Eldan Recycling A/S

The Buffer Silo BFS5 is often located between the Super Chopper and the Rasper. It balances the output from the Super Chopper to the input rate of the Rasper. It is a 5 m3 Silo with slatted steel conveyor belt. It has a heavy rotating flail to control the feed rate.

Eldan - SMV - Silo for Granulator and the Separation Equipment

by Eldan Recycling A/S

The Silo SMV is often located between the Granulator and the separation equipment. It balances the flow of granulated material to ensure that the separation works at maximum capacity, thus ensuring that the quality of separation is maintained. It is centered around an open rectanglar storage vessel with a vibrating base.

Eldan - V4 - Silo for Rasper and Granulator

by Eldan Recycling A/S

The Silo V4 is most often located between the Rasper and the Granulator. It balances the output from the Rasper the input rate of the Granulator. It has a 4 m3 Silo with vibratory base to control the feed rate.

Eldan - Multifunctional Heavy Duty (HD) Super Choppers

by Eldan Recycling A/S

Proven technology at its best. The multifunctional heavy duty Super Choppers are designed to process more voluminous and tough waste than the standard SC-series. The Eldan Super Chopper pre-chops the material to a size which is easier to handle. Whether the purpose is to facilitate transport or to increase the capacity in the recycling plant, the ...

Eldan - MC1348/90,MC1348/160 - Multi Chopper

by Eldan Recycling A/S

The Multi Chopper is designed for effective pre-chopping and size reduction of various materials. Aluminium (e.g. used beverage cans), cables, electronic and electrical waste (i.e. WEEE), municipal solid waste (i.e. MSW) Etc.

Eldan - R400-3 - Rasper Used for Primary Size Reduction

by Eldan Recycling A/S

The Eldan Rasper R400-3 is used for primary size reduction of material in small capacity Cable Systems. The Rasper R400-3 is the ideal solution for preparing all types of dry cables including steel armoured cables for granulation. Max. cable diameter of Ø40 mm.

Eldan - C12, C15, C22 and C26 - Separation Tables

by Eldan Recycling A/S

The Eldan Separation Table in an essential machine in the Eldan material separation solutions. The Separation table is used in recycling of: Cables (aluminium or copper), electronic and electrical waste (i.e. WEEE), aluminium scrap , tyres (upgrading quality by removing foreign objects), shredder light fraction (SLF/ASR) etc.

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