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Exploring America’s hidden recycling industry

by Ensia  (Mar. 19, 2015)

The World Bank estimates that by 2025, some 6 million tonnes of solid waste will be generated each day around the world — nearly double what’s produced today. By 2100 that number could hit 11 million. A Smithsonian magazine article from 2013 went so far as to ask if we were on the path to “ ...

Škvorec WWTP in Czech Republic - Case Study

by AMCON Inc.  (Mar. 5, 2015)

Client's voice Since we had installed VOLUTE Dewatering Press in our waste water treatment plant I realized how much time we were wasting using dewatering bags. VOLUTE doesn´t need my presence and works fully automatically. I don´t sometimes even know that there is a dewatering unit in operation. Dewatering Data Sludge Type: Waste ...

Biomass Briquette Machine For Recycling Waste

by Radhe Industrial Corporation  (Feb. 16, 2015)

India is consistently heading towards the development and establishing more and more and industries which contributes nation to achieve high economic growth. And obviously due to that we can eradicate many problems like poverty, unemployment and other issues. But along with that pollution also increase. Everyday some chemical process take place ...

SRF Refining (Solid Recovered Fuels) Thermoteam – Austria case study

by Redwave a Division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH  (Feb. 4, 2015)

Customer Thermoteam is a join! venture of Lafarge and Saubermacher. The business objective is the production of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) at the location of Retznei (South of Styria) close to the cement works of Lafarge in Austria. Thermoteam has capacity and permission to process 99,500 tonnes of waste per year. The input material varies ...

SRF Refining (Solid Recovered Fuels), Austria - Case Study

by Redwave a Division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH  (Feb. 4, 2015)

Customer Mullex-Umwelt-Sauberung-GmbH was founded in 1980 and is working in the field of waste collection, waste sorting, waste processing and waste disposal. The company operates at three locations in Styria and currently employs around 90 people. Situation The demand from the main customer of the solid recovered fuel after removal of chlorine ...

Gaseous emissions during concurrent combustion of biomass and non-recyclable municipal solid waste

by Protea Limited  (Jan. 26, 2015)

Abstract Background: Biomass and municipal solid waste offer sustainable sources of energy; for example to meet heat and electricity demand in the form of combined cooling, heat and power. Combustion of biomass has a lesser impact than solid fossil fuels (e.g. coal) upon gas pollutant emissions, whilst energy recovery from municipal solid waste is ...

Glenmore Landfill’s life expectancy increased for 12-15 years in Canada

by Tana Oy  (Jan. 21, 2015)

To view Video Click Here Ineffective compaction along with extensive use of cover soil are lowering the life expectencies of landfills. Aiming for better compaction is the easiest way to add more operation years for continuing revenues. For increasing the compaction efficiency, the city ...

Management of organic content in municipal solid waste - a case study of Lahore

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 20, 2015)

Poor solid waste management (SWM) is one of the leading obstacles for absolute clean and healthy environment. Growing economy of Lahore has rapidly increased growth rate which in turn has flared solid waste generation. Municipal solid waste is contributing heavily to air, water and land pollution and a major portion of municipal waste is organic. ...

Urban environmental services: valuing the environmental benefits of solid waste recycling in Brazil

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 20, 2015)

Taking into account environmental and economic aspects, this research aims at estimating the environmental services produced by municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling. The text values the urban environmental services associated with the recycling of steel, aluminium, paper, plastic and glass present in MSW in Brazil. Estimates indicate that ...

Bio-Stabilization of MSW in Argentina - Case Study

by Managed Organic Recyling, Inc  (Jan. 5, 2015)

Largest Landfill in South America uses the Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP) composting system to Bio-Stabilize 400 tons/day of Mix Solid Waste (MSW) derived from the landfill sparation facility. 2500 tons of un-separated MSW arrives daily from the City of Buenos Aries and the surronding area (population 12 million). Roughly 65 percent of the ...

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