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MOL: The Underground Waste Collection System

by Crudesco Sdn Bhd     based in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Crudesco offers in co-operation with KLIKO the underground waste container system MOL. In the development of the newest bins we have developed the underground waste container system Mol. A relative new way of collecting waste with many advantages. It can be used for different types of collection e.g. household waste, commercial waste and glass ...

Kerbloader - Multi Fraction Kerbside Collection Vehicle

by Terberg Matec UK Ltd.     based in Birchwood, UNITED KINGDOM

The Terberg Kerbloader is developed specifically for ‘segregated at source’  kerbside collection of dry recyclables and food waste. Safe and efficient collection of multiple recyclable streams is made possible by the combination of a high level automated plastic/can press system, various removable stillages, a card press unit and ...

Envac - Kitchen Waste Collection Systems

by Envac AB     based in Stockholm, SWEDEN

Wherever food is handled, waste is produced. Waste food creates hygiene risks no matter where it is transported or stored and handling it is a time-consuming, non-profitable process. The Envac system removes all manual handling and transport and turns waste into an important environmental resource instead.

Envac - Optibag - Optical Sorting Waste Management System

by Envac AB     based in Stockholm, SWEDEN

Optibag is a fully automated optical sorting system for municipal waste. The customers are municipalities, cities, local authorities as well as private contractors within the waste management sector. Users range from households to commercial developments including restaurants and shops.

Trim and Dust Extraction Unit

by Impact Air Systems     based in Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM

A simple trim and dust extraction unit that automatically removes and collects waste at high speed from production machinery. The design consists of a waste handling fan coupled with a specially engineered heavy duty waste and dust collection unit. The waste conveying fan incorporates the same robust engineering used in our larger complete ...

Model Easymax - Space Saving Sorted-Waste Bins

by Mattiussi Ecologia S.p.A.     based in Udine, ITALY

Stylish design and ideal proportions characterise the latest bins by Mattiussi Ecologia. Easymax’s special lid and front opening make intensive kerbside waste-collecting even easier. The bins are stackable while allowing for easy waste posting. Made of UV-resistant polypropylene, easymax has an exclusive lid-locking device that keeps the lid ...

Tipping Device for the Automatic Emptying of Rolling Conntainers

by Atelier Janssen Kaulille (AJK) Belgium N.V.     based in Bocholt-Kaulille, BELGIUM

AJK electrical-hydraulically driven tipping devices facilitate the emptying of your rolling containers, wire mesh containers, pallet boxes, DIN containers… Diverse handling options are possible. Tilters are available in mobile as well as fixed versions. Tipping devices are available in fixed and mobile versions. A tilter is delivered with ...

Tomra - Model T-83 HDual - Reverse Vending Machine

by Tomra Systems ASA     based in Asker, NORWAY

The T-83 HDual is optimized for reception of high volumes of up to two fractions of non-refillable beverage containers. The high processing speed ensures a fast customer session. The excellent compaction rate combined with the use of tall bins result in the highest accumulation capacity. This in turn considerably reduces the time the personnel ...

Tomra - Model T-9 - Reverse Vending Machine

by Tomra Systems ASA     based in Asker, NORWAY

T-9 is TOMRA’s new flagship front-end model for stores handling medium to high volumes of non-refillable and refillable containers and crates. T-9 is equipped with TOMRA Flow Technology™, the world’s first 360-degree RVM container recognition enabling machine capabilities unique to the industry.

Tomra - Model MultiPac™ - Highly Efficient Backroom Solution

by Tomra Systems ASA     based in Asker, NORWAY

MultiPac™ is a premium, scalable and space-efficient backroom solution with superior uptime. Fits T-820 and T-9 Front End models and is the perfect match for stores with high volumes.

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