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MOL: The Underground Waste Collection System

by Crudesco Sdn Bhd     based in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Crudesco offers in co-operation with KLIKO the underground waste container system MOL. In the development of the newest bins we have developed the underground waste container system Mol. A relative new way of collecting waste with many advantages. It can be used for different types of collection e.g. household waste, commercial waste and glass ...

Trim and Dust Extraction Unit

by Impact Air Systems     based in Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM

A simple trim and dust extraction unit that automatically removes and collects waste at high speed from production machinery. The design consists of a waste handling fan coupled with a specially engineered heavy duty waste and dust collection unit. The waste conveying fan incorporates the same robust engineering used in our larger complete ...

Model Easymax - Space Saving Sorted-Waste Bins

by Mattiussi Ecologia S.p.A.     based in Udine, ITALY

Stylish design and ideal proportions characterise the latest bins by Mattiussi Ecologia. Easymax’s special lid and front opening make intensive kerbside waste-collecting even easier. The bins are stackable while allowing for easy waste posting. Made of UV-resistant polypropylene, easymax has an exclusive lid-locking device that keeps the lid ...

Greenbank - Rotopac for Lower Waste Collection Costs

by Greenbank - Waste Handling & Recycling Equipment.     based in Middlesbrough, UNITED KINGDOM

For lower waste collection costs, lower overheads and more efficient use of storage space. Operation of the unit is simplicity itself. A standard wooden pallet serves as a base. Waste is collected either in a paper or plastic sack, protected by a metal enclosure. A pronged drum within the enclosure compacts waste as it rotates left and right. The ...

Model CF 1500 Series - Reverse Vending

by ENVIPCO     based in Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS

Clients choose the CF 1500 series for its high capacity, advanced materials handling, and dependability. Designed to offer advanced features previously only available with high-volume models, the series offers faster and better performance than any other in its class. Remote communication and reporting is available, and customized receipt vouchers ...

Street Containers For Waste Collection System

by Nord Engineering s.r.l.     based in Caraglio - CN, ITALY

Street containers for waste collection are designed specifically for cities and for domestic use.The simple, compact and functional design of these containers with their modular units make them ideal for creating and personalizing waste collection areas to respond to different needs in terms of waste collection.The design of these containers allow ...

Model Drainbox - Lifting Stations for Domestic Applications

by Espa Pumps (UK) Ltd     based in Essex, UNITED KINGDOM

Automatic stations to lift and evacuate wastewater for domestic application, detached homes, cottages, rural properties, second homes, restaurants, stores, workshops, etc. DRAINBOX collects, stores and delivers waste water to the sewerage manifold with easy installation and high efficiency.

Versa-Kart - Waste Handling Systems

by Ameri-Kart Waste Handling     based in Wichita, KANSAS (USA)

Versa-Kart - Waste Handling Systems For a variety of home usage applications, the Residential Versa-Kart is manufactured in 60 and 90 gallon sizes. Built to handle the pinching and pounding of fully and semi-automated residential waste collection systems, the Versa-Kart has extra plastic at major wear points and solid axles for added strength.

Barber ROAD RAKE - Model 200T - Highway Litter Collection Machine

by H. Barber & Sons, Inc.     based in Naugatuck, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The Model 200T is Barber's truck-powered ROAD RAKE. The rear remote hydraulic valves of the towing truck power all the hydraulic functions of the ROAD RAKE 200T. It is an excellent option for operators that have access to a towing vehicle with rear hydraulic ports.

Flekso-Pak - Sacks for Selective Waste Collection

by Flekso-Pak Sp. z o.o.     based in Lubianka, POLAND

Our sacks for selective waste collection can be loose or in rolls. Applying a given masterbatch in the film blowing process determines the sacks for certain purpose of waste collection. Sacks can be used for collecting: Plastics (yellow colour), Paper (blue colour), Glass (green colour), Organic waste (brown colour), Metals.

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