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Waste Disposal

by MinPlus – CDEM Group B.V.     based in Arnhem, NETHERLANDS

MinPlus-CDEM's method of waste recycling is based on an innovative sludges-to-energy technology that achieves the cost-efficient disposal of paper waste sludges without the harmful environmental effects of traditional methods such as landfill. Our waste recycling process works by converting minerals in paper sludges including kaolin clay and ...

Eco Industry - Intelligent Waste Disposal Concept

by Pöttinger Entsorgungstechnik GmbH     based in Grieskirchen, AUSTRIA

ECO Static: The customised solution for use at shopping centres, airports, stadiums, etc. enabling a fair division of the waste disposal fees incurred between the individual companies.

Model TV-50F - Waste Dry Film Photoresist Dewatering Press

by AMCON Inc.     based in Yokohama, JAPAN

The TV-50F waste dry film photoresist dewatering press is designed to dewater waste photoresist generated from photoresist patterning processes, such as PCB manufacturing. Today, one of the key challenges with business management is reduction of waste generated from production process. The TV-50F reduces waste photoresist with high dewatering ...

Model Canalmaster - Combined Suction And Cleaning Vehicles

by Müller Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co KG     based in Schieder-Schwalenberg, GERMANY

Versatility in cleaning, collection, and transport of many sided disposal operations. The use of combination suction flushing vehicles in sewer cleaning operations is on the increase. These vehicles can also be used when when required to transport controlled substances, as well as liquid waste materials which require monitoring to GGVS/ADR ...

Waste to Energy Systems

by Herhof GmbH     based in Solms, GERMANY

By the term waste to energy, we mean recycling of energy from waste and residual material. Household and industrial waste as well as biomass is suitable for the process. The new EC guideline 1999/31/EC was already put into national law in Germany in June 2005. This made the subject waste to energy become more important. Ever since then, only ...

Phoenix - Waste Tire Processing Recycling Plant

by Phoenix Industries, LLC     based in North Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA)

With the ever increasing health and environmental concerns, the disposal of waste tires is a growing problem all over the world. A waste tire processing plant recycles whole, car and truck tires into a valuable product called crumb rubber. This crumb rubber is then used in numerous applications including sport fields, rubberized asphalt for paving ...

Food Waste Disposer(s)/Shredder(s)

by Marsal Waste Management Ltd     based in Paphos, CYPRUS

Domestic/Industrial/Marine Food Waste Disposer & Shredder.

Model Forsage-1 - Industrial and Domestic Waste Insenerator Unit

by ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd     based in Zhukovsky, RUSSIA

Due to high combustion temperature (about 1000°C) that is gained in the burning chamber, content of pollution agents in the exhaust gas is brought to minimum. At the same time waste processed by the «Forsazh-1» mobile pack is disposed practically totally, ash remain makes not more than 3-5 % of all waste volume charged. The ...

Welger - Model RC 650 - RC 655 - Intense Strength Without Space Wasting

by Welger Recycling Engineering GmbH     based in Wolfenbüttel, GERMANY

The economical disposal presupposes purely collecting of the recycling materials. This can be carried out simple and effective directly at the point where these materials occur. At these places our small, compact and mobile roll compactors can work very well saving space and time. The Welger Roll Compactors RC 650 and RC 655 ...

Welger - Model RV 641 - Intense Strength Without Space Wasting

by Welger Recycling Engineering GmbH     based in Wolfenbüttel, GERMANY

Due to their compact and mobile design, the Welger Waste Roller RV 641 can be integrated into operational processes almost at every place where recycling materials occur to compact films, cardboard packages, plastic strapping bands, paper stripes, foam packaging and matting material, fleece materials and many other special materials for ...

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