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Sterilwave - 250 - Medical Waste Disposal Equipment

by Bertin Technologies

Sterilwave, blending and disinfection by microwave. Sterilwave, an innovative onsite solution for bio hazardous waste management! Eco-friendly and easy-to-use, the Sterilwave system is installed directly in healthcare units. Cost-effective solution, this fully automated solution shreds and sterilize by microwave any hazardous medical waste into ...

RPT 7700 - Roll-Packer Trans-Pack-Flexible

by Bergmann, Heinz, e.Kfm.- Machines for Waste Management

The new patented Trans-Pack combines the advantages of the Roll-Packer with those of a truck: Only with the Trans-Pack is it possible to compact large quantities of bulky waste or recyclable materials in several open containers at various, far-apart locations - and with only one machine!

Fox - SBM4 - Glass Bottle Crushed

by Fox Pollution Systems (UK) Ltd

Bottle Crushers for Restaurants, Hotels and the Hospitality industry. The ideal Waste Management System. Our Bottle Crushers Systems offer the solution to you Bottle Crushing waste management needs. The system can be both free standing or bulkhead mounted with in your kitchen or waste disposal area.

BioBag - 187230 - Tall 13 Gallon Food Scrap Bag Bulk Pack

by BioBag Americas, Inc.

13 Gallon Food Waste Collection Bags are sized equivalent to regular tall kitchen plastic bags and fit most kitchen waste cans. This sturdy bag is perfect for collecting food waste, paper and other compostable packaging items. Our 13 gallon size is also great for collecting outdoor organic waste from small gardening areas. The 48 count pack ...

Petrochemical Wastes

by Tetronics (International) Ltd

Traditionally, the Petrochemical Sector has operated with basic technological solutions, with ultimate reliance on High Temperature Incineration (HTI) and landfill in order to deal with their hazardous wastes. However, tightening regulation, increasing landfill costs and social responsibilities are driving companies to look at alternative methods ...

BioBag - 187229 - Small 3 Gallon Food Scrap Bag Bulk Pack

by BioBag Americas, Inc.

3 Gallon Food Waste Collection Bags take the mess out of cleaning the kitchen compost pail. They are also great for refrigerated food storage. BioBags “breathe” without leaking. This unique feature allows heat and moisture to evaporate, which keeps food “fresher” longer. The 100 count pack provides our customers with more bags for added ...

RP 7700 Jumbo - Roll-Packer

by Bergmann, Heinz, e.Kfm.- Machines for Waste Management

BERGMANN Roll-Packers have been a unique solution for more than 20 years, if the goal is compacting large quantities of bulky waste or potential recyclable materials in open containers resulting in a minimization of waste disposal journeys.

Odour Control

by SARGO s.a.

The new Odour Control technology of SARGO is totally different ...It actually removes odors by chemically modifying their volatile emissions. This is achieved by significantly reducing the level of nitrogen and volatile sulfur compounds that cause odors. In addition to eliminating existing odors, Odour Control technology also temporarily prevents ...

Austin AI - QXR-W - Treated Wood Sorting & Separating System

by Austin AI, Inc.

Austin AI's QXR-W is a unique automated system that rapidly and accurately sorts and separates hazardous wood scrap from clean recyclable wood based on its chemical composition. Based on proven Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology, the QXR-W system is ideal for wood recycling,

ECOSOLUT 13 - Cleaning Sector Product

by OTI Greentech AG

Ideally suited to a wide range of light to heavy hydrocarbons. As well as its high cleaning efficacy ECOSOLUT 13 is particularly suited applications where separation of the hydrocarbon phase is important either for recovery of the product and/or reducing the cost of waste treatment. ECOSOLUT 13 is pH neutral an added advantage for disposal water ...

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