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Compacting Dumpsters

by WasteCare Corporation

Restaurants Supermarkets Grocery Stores Department Stores Manufacturing Facilities Schools Colleges & Universities Malls & Shopping Centers Motels / Hotels Military Bases Transfer Stations Many other Industrial and Commercial applications.

Nuwave - 2 Yard Plastic Dumpster

by Nuwave Container

Ideal for small to medium sized businesses or for use in a compact areas. Long lasting and tough material reduces the need for most maintenance and holds around 30 kitchen sized garbage bags.

Nuwave - 3 Yard Plastic Dumpster

by Nuwave Container

This container is great for small to medium sized businesses, on average this dumpster can handle 45 kitchen sized garbage bags. Produced at CA & OH production facilities.Comes standard with 2 swivel & 2 fixed caster wheels.Assembled weight approx. 300 lbs.Load rated up to 1500 lbs.

Nuwave-Container - 1.5 Yard Plastic Dumpster

by Nuwave Container

Larger than the 1 yard dumpster, the 1.5 yard dumpster is still a great choice for residential applications. This dumpster will hold an average of 20 kitchen sized garbage bags.

High Rise Apartment Compactors

by WasteCare Corporation

With a compaction ratio of up to 10 to 1 the High Rise Compactors can play a major role in reducing waste hauling requirements by 50% or more as well as the labor costs associated with waste processing. Containerized waste can help greatly in the control and/or elimination of problems associated with rodents, flies, birds, and other vermin inside ...

Spiraltec - Spiral Cylindrical Screen

by Aqualitec Corp.

The mechanically inclined cylindrical screen Spiraltec has an inclination of 35° from horizontal and is designed to remove debris from wastewater. The screening system will operate by means of a perforated screen that retains debris. Then, the captured solids are conveyed, dewatered, compacted and discharged upward by the shaft less spiral ...

SCATTER Odor Control Granules

by AIR-SCENT International

Powerfully-effective Scatter Odor Counteractant Granules contain exclusive Metazene odor destroying additive. Scatter brand granules are formulated to handle even the toughest odors from restaurant, institutional, commercial and municipal waste. Scatter offers the perfect solution to odor problems from trash containers, garbage dumpsters and ...

Portable and Mobile Compactors

by WasteCare Corporation

Hospitals, Health Care & Medical Facilities, Schools, Colleges, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Amusement Parks, Casinos, Utility Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Ships, Boats & Marine Use, Marinas, and many other types of applications.

RBW - 2075 - Red Bag Waste Equipment

by WasteCare Corporation

The innovative process uses heat sterilization (with steam & water) and then pulverizes red bag waste awesome return on investmen. Reduces cost of Red Bag Waste processing from around 30 cents per pound (typically) to a total processing cost of around 5 - 6 cents per pound (including processing costs and hauler weight & 'pull' ...

Bin Compactors

by WasteCare Corporation

The Bin Compactors were designed for a variety of applications. All Models of the Bin Compactors are portable and can be placed indoors or outdoors. These Compactors can be operated either using a large poly bag (46' x 46' x 40') to collect the trash, or a portable metal 'front load' or 'rear load' container that can be wheeled to a convenient ...

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