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NutriDox - Non-Hazardous Nutrient Concentrate

by Colsen International b.v.

Micro-organisms play a key role in nature and mankind has learned to deploy their enormous variety of biochemical capabilities. Biological process steps have therefore become more and more common in industrial applications. The wellbeing of the biomass has often become a critical factor in a sequence of process steps. Over the years Colsen has ...

Spent Potliner Management

by Tetronics (International) Ltd

Spent Potliner (SPL) is a contaminated graphite/ceramics cell waste generated in the primary production of aluminium and worldwide is estimated to rise at a rate of over 500,000 tonnes per year. A common challenge for many companies within this industry and in many countries, this waste has been identified as an extremely problematic ...

Abestos Containing Materials Management

by Tetronics (International) Ltd

Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and Refractory Ceramic Fibres (RCFs) are toxic and when inhaled can cause serious illnesses, including lung cancer, and asbestosis (a type of pneumoconiosis). Since the mid-1980s, use of Asbestos has been banned and in most territories its use is strictly prohibited and the subject of specific regulation. ...

GLES - Waste Conversion Pyrolysis System

by Greenlight Energy Solutions Corp.

The Waste Conversion Pyrolysis System is well suited to handle various feedstocks.Pyrolysis of waste is the state-of-the art process providing destructive decomposition of waste materials in the absence of oxygen. Its combustion-free methodology allows us to eliminate residual and fly ash emission into the environment. GLES' leading edge design ...

CleanPlanet - Model Series A18 - Recycle Waste Chemicals System for 18 Gallons Per Day Capacity

by CleanPlanet Chemical

Part Number: 3-000. Capacity:18 Gallons (68.1 litres). Voltage: 200-250 VAC, SINGLE PHASE, 60 Hz. Amperage: 20 Amp. Power: 4.2 kW. Classi cation: CLASS 1, DIV 1, Group C,D,F,G. Cycle Time: 11.5 - 22 hours*. Operating Temp.: 53.6-379.4° F (12-193° C). Dimensions: Width: 62.0 in (1578.5 cm), Height: 67.0 in (170.2 cm), Depth: 47.5 in (120.7 ...

CleanPlanet - Model Series A5 - Ideal System for Recycling up to 5.28 Gallons of Solvents Daily

by CleanPlanet Chemical

The A-5 is for lower daily processing volumes. This solvent system is ideal for recycling up to 5.28 gallons per day. A5 System - 5 Gallons Per Day. Product Details: Part Number: 2-000 (220 V); 2-000LV (110 V). Capacity: 5.28 Gallons (20 Litres). Voltage: 110-120 VAC or 200-250 VAC, SINGLE PHASE, 60 Hz. Amperage: 7 Amp (220 V); 10 Amp (110 V). ...

NT-MAX - Algae & Duckweed Control Treatment

by NewTechBio, Inc.

Completely Eliminate Algae, Duckweed, Sludge and Odors. 100% All Natural Formula Safe for Swimming and Water Sports. Chemical Free Weed Control without the Worry of Exposure to Harsh Toxins. 100% Safe for You, Your Family, Pets and the Environment.

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