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Flekso - Garbage Bags and Refuse Sacks

by Flekso-Pak Sp. z o.o.

With our bag-on-roll making machines we can offer garbage bags of different dimensions and forms of folding. There can be standard dimensions (35l, 60l, 120l, 150l, 240l or relevant in your country) as well as custom made. There are conventional garbage bags – flat, C-folded, Z-folded, G-folded and side-gusseted type with a PP string ...

PEL - Bag Compactor

by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

The PEL bag compactor allows small volumes of waste be compacted into manageable bags. The bag compactor can be located close to the source of waste or in a designated area where the bags can be placed directly into bins/skips. The bag compactor has a small footprint and is used to save space in busy areas. The bag compactor offers a compaction ...

Flekso-Pak - Sacks for Selective Waste Collection

by Flekso-Pak Sp. z o.o.

Our sacks for selective waste collection can be loose or in rolls. Applying a given masterbatch in the film blowing process determines the sacks for certain purpose of waste collection. Sacks can be used for collecting: Plastics (yellow colour), Paper (blue colour), Glass (green colour), Organic waste (brown colour), Metals.

Kann - Residential Side Loader - Single Side Load Eject (SLES)

by Kann Manufacturing Corporation

The KANN Residential Single Side Load Eject is designed for collection of bag, bulk or carted residential solid waste. Residential refuse can be loaded fast and easy using the 1.8 cu. yd. trough or with the optional cart latch(es). The large 1.8 cu. yd. trough can easily fit up to fourteen 35-gallon garbage bags or up to six 64-gallon carts of ...

Skip for door-to-door separate waste collection:Orione

by Ecogest srl

“Orione” is an underground system designed for all those who care about the environment and who believe and have invested in door-to-door separate waste collection. Our system is designed to resolve one of the problems caused by this waste collection method, namely the exponential increase of the number of garbage bags scattered along ...

Fox - Model FWS1800ss - Garbage Compactor

by Fox Pollution Systems (UK) Ltd

The FWS1800ss Garbage Compactor is used for the volume reduction of mixed Garbage, being compacted into either a heavy duty plastic bag or a strong non-synthetic box. Mixed Garbage can be taken as follows: Cardboard/Paper - Aluminium - Plastic - Food - Cloth - Wood - Glass - Other.The operation of the Compactor is not adversely effected if the ...

Meulenbroek - Model MSP 1300 - Stationary Waste Compactors

by Meulenbroek Machinebouw B.V.

Garbage bags and other small garbage. These compactors are also capable of processing small quantities of larger waste. An occasional pallet or other large piece of waste will not be a problem. This is a stationary compactor, so it is not very suited for compacting very humid waste. It is however very suited for installation against buildings or ...

Trash and Recycling Containers

by New Pig Corporation

Keep things tidy with New Pig's line of trash and recycling containers. From steel containers to refuse containers and waste receptacles to garbage cans, New Pig is your source for everything in trash containers and commercial recycling containers. Shop online for Brute® containers, waste containers, trash can bags, stainless steel garbage cans, ...

Envac - Stationary Vacuum Waste Collection Systems

by Envac AB

Envac designs, installs and operates stationary vacuum systems that handle waste and recyclable materials. Replacing old-fashioned refuse rooms and bins with underground vacuum technology eliminates the typical problems associated with waste including unpleasant odours and unsightly bins. Also, as the system is underground, nobody needs to come ...

BioBag - Model 07GSHOP - 7 Gallon Shopper

by BioBag Americas, Inc.

Using BioBag shopping bags can yield major environmental benefits. These bags may be used like ordinary shopping bags in which you can take your groceries home safely, and then use as a trash bag for compostable waste. We call this 'use and use again.' Regardless of whether the BioBag ends up in the compost or is incinerated, it has a favorable ...

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