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Envac - Stationary Vacuum Waste Collection Systems

by Envac AB

Envac designs, installs and operates stationary vacuum systems that handle waste and recyclable materials. Replacing old-fashioned refuse rooms and bins with underground vacuum technology eliminates the typical problems associated with waste including unpleasant odours and unsightly bins. Also, as the system is underground, nobody needs to come ...

Skip for door-to-door separate waste collection:Orione

by Ecogest srl

“Orione” is an underground system designed for all those who care about the environment and who believe and have invested in door-to-door separate waste collection. Our system is designed to resolve one of the problems caused by this waste collection method, namely the exponential increase of the number of garbage bags scattered along ...

Kann - Residential Side Loader - Single Side Load Eject (SLES)

by Kann Manufacturing Corporation

The KANN Residential Single Side Load Eject is designed for collection of bag, bulk or carted residential solid waste. Residential refuse can be loaded fast and easy using the 1.8 cu. yd. trough or with the optional cart latch(es). The large 1.8 cu. yd. trough can easily fit up to fourteen 35-gallon garbage bags or up to six 64-gallon carts of ...

Surf Rake - 400 - Beach Rake

by H. Barber & Sons, Inc.

The 400 is the most compact beach rake in the SURF RAKE lineup. It weighs 1,900 pounds and can lift up to 2,400 pounds in its one (1) cubic yard hopper. Its hydraulic operated hopper places collected material neatly on the ground. Within one (1) hour, the 400 can effectively clean up to five (5) acres of beach sand.

Sorting Lines and Material Recycling Facilities (MRF)


Waste sorting and treatment plants for waste processing, recovery of recyclables. IMABE design and manufacture tailor-made sorting plant according to the type and characteristics of residues and customer particular needs.

Sotkon - Waste Management Systems

by Sotkon Waste Systems

The Sotkon access control can easily be installed in an existing intake bin. It’s the perfect solution for cities with the PAYT systems. The Sotkon system includes data collection and data transmission for invoicing refuse deposited according to local requirements. The system collects information each time the insert unit is used by any of ...

Underground waste separation and recycling unit: Gemini 2

by Ecogest srl

“Gemini 2” is a high-capacity single-point underground waste collection system designed for side-loading compactors or bin-type clamping systems. Thanks to its two 4000 litre skips (for a total of 8000 litres), the machine is designed for separate or multi-material waste collection. Gemini 2 occupies very little road space while ...

Surf Rake - 400HD - Beach Rake

by H. Barber & Sons, Inc.

The 400HD has proven to be an excellent choice for resorts, hotels and lakeshore communities. At 2,700 pounds, it is the medium-sized beach rake in the SURF RAKE lineup. It is equipped with a two (2) cubic yard hopper that will lift 3,500 pounds of debris from the sand to a dumping height of nine (9) feet. This mid-size beach rake uses the same ...

Surf Rake - 600HD - Beach Rake

by H. Barber & Sons, Inc.

At 3,800 pounds, the 600HD is the largest beach rake offerrered by H. Barber & Sons. Of all beach rakes and beach cleaning machines used by Municipalities, amenity beaches, and private facilities, it is the most widely preferred beach cleaner available. It has been successfully used in a wide variety of municipal applications .Cleaning sand up to ...

DT-2000MC - Large capacity Waste Compactor

by Delitek AS

Waste Compactor equipped with a special container to accommodate to a standard garbage truck's lifting system. An Ideal solution for the land based fish industry.

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