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Solid Fuel Handling

by Raumaster Oy

The rate o( utilisation of solid fuels and fuels made from solid municipal waste has increased greatly.The availability and cost of oil and water power, coupled with the problems experien¬ced by nuclear power plants, have contributed to the increa¬sing use of bark, wood, wood waste, peat, coal, and solid municipal waste as fuel.

Spirofloor Moving Floor Bunkers

by Renby Limited

As waste management moves near the top of the environmental agenda, investment in more efficient waste handling equipment has become a priority. For example, owing to the cost of double-handling tipped material, more and more waste recycling companies are refusing to accept tipper trucks. Bulk waste transport companies must transfer material ...

OZONATOR - NG-3000 - Medical and Bio-Hazard Waste Treatment Technology

by OZONATOR Industries Limited

The OZONATOR is the complete solution to your bio-hazardous waste needs. With zero emissions, ease of operation, quick cycle time and low operating costs the OZONATOR is not only a better solution but also a more cost-effective solution. The functional part of this system is a combined process that loads un-segregated, bio-hazardous waste directly ...

Sterilwave - 440 - Medical Waste Disposal Equipment

by Bertin Technologies

Sterilwave, blending and disinfection by microwave. Sterilwave, an innovative onsite solution for bio hazardous waste management! Eco-friendly and easy-to-use, the Sterilwave system is installed directly in healthcare units. Cost-effective solution, this fully automated solution shreds and sterilize by microwave any hazardous medical waste into ...

Substitute Fuel for Cement Kilns

by BMH Technology Oy - Home of the Tyrannosaurus

TYRANNOSAURUS waste processes provide a proven and effective solution for the production of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) for the cement industry – with an expectionally short payback period. Not only is SRF the cheapest fuel available, its application will also enable you to benefit from the freed marketable CO2 credits. The high-quality SRF ...

Wood Dust Burners

by Enviroburners OY

Enviroburners is supplying custom designed sander dust burners to convert waste sander dust into useful energy in chip dryer or power boiler. In addition to sander dust burners and back-up fuel valve trains we are also supplying sander dust handling, feeding and conveying systems.


by Envyrozone Inc.

Believe it or not, the gum can be recycled for use in all manner of rubber products!  The Bubble offers a real solution to a problem that plagues most public spaces, and a unique way to augment even the most rigorous waste management programs. Like our ashtrays they unobtrusively make themselves available to accept refuse while making a ...

S6300 - 12" Hydraulic Submersible High Performance Solids Handling Pump

by Hydra-Tech Pumps

The S6300 is a Highly Efficient, High Volume, Solids Handling Pump. Typical usefd for this pump would be sewer by-pass, barge transfer, municipal waste lagoon and tank pumping

LWT - Chopper Pumps

by Liquid Waste Technology Inc (LWT Inc)

Powerful, durable, rugged, dependable, efficient, cost effective. . . All are words that describe the line of submersible hydraulic chopper pumps that are built by LWT. These pumps are specifically designed to handle the mud, sewage, silty sand, solids, and debris typically found in liquid waste pits, lagoons, and digesters in agricultural, ...

X-Press - Model 100

by Mil-tek Danmark A/S

Waste Compactors model X-Press are unique compactor solutions for compacting general waste into manageable plastic bags. The volume reduction achieved by compacting the waste is at a ratio of up to 10:1. The X-Press waste compactors can either be located close to the source of waste or in a designated area where the bags can be placed directly ...

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