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Waste Handling Systems

by Gépsystem Kft.     based in Zalaegerszeg, HUNGARY

Our waste processing systems can be suited for handling communal or biological „green” waste, pre-sorted waste, various industrial scraps or even building construction refuses.

Moldow - Transflow Waste Handling System

by Moldow A/S     based in Holsted, DENMARK

Moldow Transflow System provides trouble free extraction of very large quantities of dust and chips with unlimited volumes of extracted air. The Transflow System was developed to increase flexibility of operation on heavily loaded extraction systems.

Fluorescent Lamps Recycling System

by econ industries GmbH     based in Starnberg, GERMANY

Fluorescent lamps are energy efficient and extremely long-lasting. In Germany for example, approximately 70% of the lighting requirements are provided via this type of lamp. While the commercial and industrial sectors are almost completely served by fluorescent lamps, the household sector is served by simple standard light bulbs except the ...

Rotowrap - Model 30 - Wrapping Systems

by PTF Häusser GmbH     based in Borgholzhausen, GERMANY

standard machine for normal throughput.

waste Tire Processing Line - Model waste Tire Processing Line - waste Tire Processing Line

by Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd     based in Wuhan, CHINA

Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd has developed the production line technology, which is international advanced for recycling waste tire to fine rubber powder at room temperature. The main equipments are developed itself own. Waste tires and waste rubber can be crushed to 40-200 mesh rubber powder with close, consecutive and automatic process ...


by Eleiko AB     based in Halmstad, SWEDEN

Eleiko Kick-off is suitable for use in narrow spaces where it is impossible to install sack- or bin changers. High capacity also in long narrow rooms and rooms with low ceiling height. It is adaptable for different sizes and numbers of bins. It is controlled by photocells which indicates when the refuse bin is full and then automatically moves ...

Swinging end-fitting

by Eleiko AB     based in Halmstad, SWEDEN

Eleiko Swinging end-fitting is suitable for use in narrow spaces where it is impossible to install sack or bin changers. The end-fitting is controlled by a photocell which senses when the refuse bin is full and then automatically moves across to an empty bin. Consequently there is no need to fit or replace bins during weekends, for example, which ...

Bin Changer, 2-wheel

by Eleiko AB     based in Halmstad, SWEDEN

Patented bin changer which operates fully automatically and is available for 190 and 370 litre bin sizes. Handling of refuse bins is made easier for both property maintenance staff and cleaning staff, resulting in lower collection charges.

Cabin for Refuse Sorting

by Eleiko AB     based in Halmstad, SWEDEN

Sorting at source is the very basis of effective waste management and essential if the re-use of materials is to be possible in an ecocycle-adapted society. With this range of cabins, Eleiko is taking yet another step towards a better environment. They can be used for example for the sorting of paper, glass, combustible waste or ordinary domestic ...

ecoBLOX - High-Rate Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

ecoBLOX systems are fully integrated, complete solutions to wastewater treatment and solids handling problems. The ecoBLOX technology can best be described as a high-rate membrane bioreactor (MBR) or advanced MBR treatment. Operating at elevated mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations and utilizing concentrated (pure) oxygen in lieu of ...

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