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Plasco - Waste Conversion System

by Plasco Energy Group     based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The waste conversion process begins with any materials with high reclamation value being removed from the waste stream and collected for recycling. Once these high value products are removed, the municipal solid waste (MSW) is shredded and any remaining materials are removed and sent for recycling.

Aerosol - Shredding Systems

by Meltog A Division of MMco. Limited     based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM

Meltog offers a number of pre-existing solutions for the safe destruction, management and sorting of aerosol cans for either indoor or outdoor operation and for either ODS or non ODS applications. All systems comply with ATEX regulations and they can be additionally adapted to comply with localised, specific environmental requirements or site ...

BioBag - Model DG0811 - Bulk Dog Waste Bag on Core

by BioBag Americas, Inc.     based in Palm Harbor, FLORIDA (USA)

BioBag Bulk Dog Waste Bags on a core are refill rolls for popular rolled bag style park dispensers. Today, park systems and controlled communities across the country are switching to certified BioBag Dog waste bags to enhance their environmental image and reduce the amount of polyethylene-based plastic used in their community. Picking up after ...

MORTIM - Model 20 - Containerized waste management station

by Delitek AS     based in Alsvaag, NORWAY

MORTIM has been developed and designed for waste handling of larger amounts of solid waste in the Marine and Offshore Industries.

ElectroFlow - The 11-in-1 System

by Electenergy Technologies Inc (ETI)     based in Columbia, MISSOURI (USA)

ELECTROFLOW™ is the only internationally renowned 11 in 1 integrated system, with SIX Exclusive Features, in the world! It is state-of-the-art and culmination of nearly 40 years of innovation, at Ph.D. level, led and developed by Dr.Mehrdad. ELECTROFLOW ™ can be applied to voltages ranging from 208 V to 345 KV, for loads from 100 KW to ...

Model PAWDS Land - Waste Streams System

by PyroGenesis Canada Inc.     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Already the US Navy’s choice for the Gerald R. Ford Class of aircraft carriers, the Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System for Land (PAWDS-Land), being the world’s most compact, easy-to-operate, high temperature, plasma-based waste treatment system, is perfectly suited to meet the demands of remote communities and camps (mining, ...

Model SPARC - Waste Streams System

by PyroGenesis Canada Inc.     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Evolving from our plasma platform developed for the US Military, SPARC is a highly effective, patented process for the complete destruction of ozone depleting substances and other environmentally noxious chemicals. SPARC is the latest innovation from our team of engineers, scientists and technicians. Refrigerants and other fluorinated chemicals ...

Model EC-266 - Electric Horizontal Grinders

by Rotochopper, Inc.     based in St. Martin, MINNESOTA (USA)

The original Rotochopper EC was designed in 1994 to fit the needs of large pallet repair facilities, sawmills, and other industries that produce large flows of waste material. The basic design has proven itself to be rock solid, while continuous refinement has made the EC-266 the most trusted electric-powered horizontal grinder on the market.

Acid / Cyanide Scrubber

by TES-AMM     based in Irvine, UNITED KINGDOM

Adhere to acid discharge limits of local rules & regulations

Waste Management Centrifuge

by GN Decanter Centrifuge Ltd     based in Hebei, CHINA

Drilling waste management and cuttings disposal have become a critical issue for any drilling operations because of stringent effluent limitations on the discharge of contaminated drill cuttings to the environment. The wastes discarded by the drilling mud circulation system must be disposed in safe way to the environment. GN Solids Control offers ...

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