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Landfill Gas Collection Systems

by Automatic Flare Systems Limited (AFS)     based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM

Anaerobic decomposition of organic solid waste in the landfill site produces landfill gas (LFG). LFG mainly consists of methane and carbon dioxide, both of which are odorless. Trace constituents of other volatiles, often malodorous or toxic gases, are also found in LFG. LFG can migrate through soil into structures located on or near landfills. ...

HORIBA - Model W-20XD Series - Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meters

by Osprey Scientific Inc.     based in Edmonton,, ALBERTA (CANADA)

HORIBA has designed the Multl-Parameter Water Quality Monitoring Meter to be extra durable with the convenience of the auto-calibration feature. Years of HORIBA sensor technology development have reached their culmination in the form of a single sensor probe: a compact monitoring solution offering high pressure tolerance, long-term continuous ...

Model WAM-100 - Waste Assay Monitor

by VF, a.s.     based in Černá Hora, CZECH REPUBLIC

'Waste-Scan' WAM-100 monitors are used for spectrometric characterization of radioactive waste. It can be used in nuclear power plants, waste repositories, science facilities, reprocessing plants etc. typically for LLW measurements or free release.

Model 1400 Series - Adjustable Set Point Flow Switch

by Thomas Products LTD     based in Southington, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Machine Tool Industry. Waste Water Monitoring. HVAC.

multi EA - Model 5000 - For Micro-Elemental Analyser

by Analytik Jena AG     based in Jena, GERMANY

The multi EA 5000 is extremely versatile: The determination of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine is only a small part of what it can do. TOC, EOX or AOX/TOX analyses are further areas easily covered by the multi EA 5000. This makes it a universal talent to be used in various fields.

QuickTONb - TNb Analysers

by Liquid Analytical Resource, LLC     based in Shirley, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The QuickTONb of LAR Process Analysers AG is an on-line measuring system for the determination of total nitrogen (TNb) according to DIN 38409 part 27, ENV 12260 and ISO - TR11905-2. The QuickTONb is suitable for almost every TNb-measurement in process control or sewage and industrial waste water application. Typical on-line applications are ...

QuickCOD - COD Analyser

by Liquid Analytical Resource, LLC     based in Shirley, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

LAR's QuickCOD_o is an online  COD/TOD measurement system for the determination of the chemical oxygen demand and suitable even for the most difficult waste water applications.The  high temperature method with combustion at 1200°C guarantees the complete oxidation of the sample. Even loads with a salt concentration of up to 20% and ...

BioMonitor - BOD Analysers

by Liquid Analytical Resource, LLC     based in Shirley, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The BioMonitor from LAR Process Analysers AG is suitable for many different applications, e.g. for fast and reliable load ratio documentation of the influent and effluent of any plant with the aid of either the BOD concentration or the BOD load, for controlling the denitrification at the effluent of any plant by exact dosing of the waste water as ...

Compactor Fullness Monitor System

by One Plus Corp.     based in Northbrook, ILLINOIS (USA)

The patented WASTE EDGE FullFax saves you money without changing equipment or haulers. Accurately determines when a compactor container is ready for pick-up. The System automatically sends a fax pick-up request to a hauler to advise that the container is full and ready for pick-up. No guesswork. No employee involvement determining fullness and ...

Wireless Waste Edge Monitor System

by One Plus Corp.     based in Northbrook, ILLINOIS (USA)

The patented Wireless WASTE EDGE Compactor Monitoring System is the perfect solution for the monitoring of waste compactors. It is ideal for use anywhere wireless service is available and especially where conventional telephone service is unavailable or difficult to obtain. The Wireless Waste Edge Monitor can be easily installed on any new or ...

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