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Electromagnetic Overbelt Separator (R-SKM)

by Regulator-Cetrisa     based in Gava, SPAIN

Electromagnetic Overbelt Separator (R-SKM) is able to separate, recycle and recover iron metals. A coil rolled over a magnetic pole, with a passing electric current, provokes a powerful magnetic field. An iron material that crosses this magnetic field will be attracted to the coil and automatically separated from the rest of the materials, driven ...

Magnetic (R-BMP) and Electromagnetic (R-BME) Block

by Regulator-Cetrisa     based in Gava, SPAIN

The Permanent Magnetic (R-BMP) or Electromagnetic (R-BME) Block attracts the iron metals, but unlike the overband, there is no automatic extraction system. The cleaning is manual.

Permanent Magnetic Overband Separator (R-OMP)

by Regulator-Cetrisa     based in Gava, SPAIN

The magnetic field is produced by the joining of highly powerful magnets. An iron material that crosses this magnetic field will be attracted to the magnets and separated from the rest of the materials, driven by the pulling band. The Permanent Magnetic Overband (R-OMP) can be installed either transversally or longitudinally.

Suspended Permanent Magnet (Overband)

by Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd     based in Bedwas, UNITED KINGDOM

Standard sizes available from stock - please ask. Eriez suspended permanent magnetic separators, also called overband are positioned over moving conveyor belts or chute, either in line or accros for the effective removal of ferrous contaminants from bulk product flows. Overband permanent magnets protects your up-stream machinery and ensure good ...

Model Sen - Sm - Overband Magnetic Separators

by Gauss Magneti SRL     based in Brescia, ITALY

These machines - called sometimes also overbelt Separators – consist essentially of a magnet (electro- or permanent one) around which a belt called extracting band turns. The machines featured by a permanent magnet are called model SM, by an electromagnet model SEN.

Overband Magnets

by Lift Hold & Separate Ltd     based in Bedfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Overbelt magnet systems are mailny used to separate materials on conveyor belts. For this purpose they are either suspended above the conveyor belt or inline. The magnet system removes the ferrous particles from the passing flow of materials. After leaving the magnetic sector, these iron particles are dropped into a receptacle. At the active side ...

Overband Magnetic Separators

by Jupiter Magnetics     based in Patparganj, INDIA

The most important application for separation of tramp iron pieces and for avoiding interruption and damage to major equipment in the process plants like Coal handling Plants of Thermal Power Stations, Cement and Sugar Industry, Foundries, Fertilizers & Chemicals Industry, Food and Plasticand recycling industry etc. Available in two types, one ...

Rotajet - Overband Magnet

by Rotajet Systems Limited     based in Ossett, UNITED KINGDOM

Rotajet manufacture a standard range of overband magnets which are designed to fit to fit a wide variety and sizes of conveyors. This type of magnetic separator is typically used on in feed conveyors prior to shredding or granulation. The separators are self cleaning so downtime is reduced to a minimum. If you have any specific metal separation ...

Senza Nome - Automatic Separators

by Hofmann Group S.r.l     based in Veronella, ITALY

These equipments effect a separation of materials based on their chemical-physical characteristics. Some examples: SEPARATOR OF NON-FERROUS METALS (polar separator with Foucault current). Allows to extract automatically from a flow all the non-ferrous metal bodies (aluminum), thus obtaining a good quality aluminium fraction.

Cogelme - Overbelt Magnetic Separators

by Shelron Enterprises     based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA)

All the power you need to recover maximum of ferrous metals, purify non-magnetic materials from ferrous metals and protect other processing equipment from damages.

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