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Model HLZ DD - Sorting of Mixed UBCs

by Anker Andersen A/S     based in Toerring, DENMARK

The HLZ DD is the latest generation of our HLZ high-speed counting machines. The machine is designed for handling of mixed batches of non-refillable used beverage containers (PET, glass and metal) or pre-sorted fractions of PET or metal.

Model HLZ DD C MS - Sorting by Material Type

by Anker Andersen A/S     based in Toerring, DENMARK

The HLZ DD C MS is an industrial high-speed counting machine for handling of non-refillable used beverage containers.The machine is designed for sorting of containers by material type.

Model MD Series - Drum Type - Magnetic Separator

by Veeraja Industries     based in Village Shivane, INDIA

Suitable for magnetic separation from fluid. Filtration capacity : 50 l/min to 1000 l/min.Countinues operation. No consumables.Tapered disc for high magnetic concentration. Rare earth magnets can be used for added efficiency. Ease of maintenance. Ideal for individual machines.Inlet and drive positions can be altered. Standard sized modules are ...

CRITERION - For Plastics Sorting

by Binder & Co     based in GLEISDORF, AUSTRIA

CRITERION is the system for separating different types of plastic. Also in developing CRITERION, Binder+Co approached the challenge from the view point of the user. The needs of our customers for a compact multi-stream solution led to the conception of CRITERION.

STEINERT - Model ISS - Induction Sorting System

by Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH     based in Köln, GERMANY

In certain cases, metallic components, e.g. stainless steel and composite materials, cannot be recovered using magnetic separation and non-ferrous metal sorting processes. The STEINERT ISS is the logical solution to this problem. Previous experience has shown that the rate of both purity and recovery is considerably greater than 90%, depending on ...

Oscillation Dry Flakes Screening

by DIEFFENBACHER GMBH     based in Eppingen, GERMANY

The oscillating screen is a hanging screen, developed for screening of dried flakes. This vibrating net-type screen is available in 4 sizes depending on the desired capacity.

Bunting - Drum Magnets

by Bunting Magnetics Co.     based in Newton, KANSAS (USA)

Handles High Flow Rates and Heavy Metal Contamination.

Magnetic Separation Pulleys

by Bunting Magnetics Co.     based in Newton, KANSAS (USA)

Magnetic Separation Pulleys for the Recycling IndustryBunting Magnetics Co. offers an extensive line of Magnetic Separation Head Pulleys for conveyors in the Recycling Industry. Bunting Magnetics Co. Magnetic Separation Pulleys are becoming known as the “Magnetic Pulleys of Choice” for the Recycling Industry.

TurboGrate - Magnetic Separator

by Bunting Magnetics Co.     based in Newton, KANSAS (USA)

Our newly redesigned TurboGrate Magnetic Separator removes ferrous metals from powder and granular materials with even the most difficult flow characteristics.

Xtractor - Metal Separator

by Bunting Magnetics Co.     based in Newton, KANSAS (USA)

The XTractor, The Original Green, The XTractor Metal Separator is one of the newest addition to the Bunting Magnetics Company lineup of world class magnetic separation equipment.

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