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AADHUNIK GLOBAL ENERGY C/o TINYTECH PLANTS,Tagore Road, Rajkot - 360 002, INDIA Mobile # 91-92 27 60 65 70,  Tel. 91-281-2480166    Fax # 91-281-2467552 Email : ...

Pulp & paper case study - Northwood Pulp & Timber

by HammerTek Corporation  (Mar. 29, 2016)

Smart Elbow® Triumphs Over Abrasion in Pulp and Paper Industry The first Smart Elbow® installed at Northwood in the hog fuel conveying system (above) worked so well that the two sweep elbows also shown above were eventually replaced with two more 12" cast iron HammerTek Smart Elbows® At Northwood Pulp and Timber Ltd. of Prince ...

Combustible Briquettes for All Your Camping Requirements

by Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools  (Jan. 30, 2016)

Coal has been in use since historical times both to cook food and to produce energy. Coal briquettes are a great fuel source and are manufactured in specialized briquetting plants that offer different varieties of combustible briquettes. What Exactly Is A Briquette? Briquettes are an amazing source of combustible energy that ...

Briquettes Are the New Renewable Energy

by Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools  (Jan. 18, 2016)

You can walk towards a sustainable and clean environment by promoting usage of Briquettes which can be made by various kinds of Briquetting machines. There are different types of machines, and a large number of manufacturers supply them with versatile range and performance. It is a very effective initiative to keep the glory of the environment by ...

Briquettes – Favoring Green Revolution and Safeguarding the Environment

by Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools  (Jan. 12, 2016)

Briquettes facilitate easy storage, transportation and when used as fuel they are environment-friendly and smokeless. This is the reason there is an increased demand for them. If you are willing to take an initiative for an environment friendly atmosphere and also earn with the cause, the first thing you require to have in your business is a ...

Hurricane HR Cyclones to capture fine fly ash particulate enabling the use of wood waste fired thermal oil heater for Sonae Indústria

by Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.  (Jan. 5, 2016)

The company was forced to use a natural gas fired hot gas generator for drying fibre despite having the necessary amount of thermal energy available in the exhaust stream of a wood waste fired thermal oil heater. The problem of using the biomass thermal oil heater laid on the emission of fine burnt and unburnt particulate which were carried over ...

Wood instead of petroleum?

by Catalytic Products International (CPI)  (Oct. 28, 2015)

The other day I found an interesting article from Scientists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, USA.  The artical discusses how the two recently managed to synthesize two complex chemical substances from wood-based starting materials.  You can find the link here:  Wood ...

Why Briquetting Machines are Favorite of Recycling Industries?

by Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools  (Oct. 20, 2015)

With the increasing attention towards proper waste recycling, there has been huge requirement of right machines and tools to properly convert waste into useful things. One of the best solutions companies and individuals got was briquetting plant for effective recycling of wood as well as metal waste. What is the major process at the recycling ...

Briquetting: A Way to Generate Income for Rural Population

by Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools  (Sep. 30, 2015)

It has been rightly said that waste not, want not. This is because waste can prove to be potential resource because they can be recycled and used as sustainable fuel. The global economy is dominated by technologies that rely on fossil fuel like petroleum, coal, natural gases to produce power, fuel, materials and chemicals. Even the use of ...

Florida-based BlueLinx makes cash from wood scrap - Case Study

by WEIMA  (Sep. 18, 2015)

Headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia, BlueLinx Co. is a renowned manufacturer of wood components and building products in North America. The Lake City, Florida plant is just one of the company’s forty-eight distribution centers and is home to forty-two employees including technicians and sales representatives for the corporation. BlueLinx ...

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