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Biocarb Ox - much more than just carbon

by Bioconservacion SA

Biocarb Ox is an enriched air filtration media. It combines premium quality wood-based activated carbon with a proprietary blend of catalytically active inorganic phases. Biocarb Ox is not impregnated.This solution is the ideal H2S abatement mechanism.  It´s extraordinary high H2S removal capacity beats any other control media on the ...

Activated Carbons

by Comelt S.r.l

Activated carbon has a basic of a carbonaceus nature having a vast and many-branched porous structure that is capable of entrapping internally molecules of organic compounds. The capacity of carbon to capture and fix within its porous structure the molecules of organic compounds dispersed in a fluid medium (liquid or gaseous) with which the active ...

Jiangxi Hansom - Wood Based Activated Carbon

by Jiangxi Hansom Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Hansom Wood Based Activated Carbon is manufactured from specially selected sawdust & its charcoal and activated by means of chemical or steam. There are two kinds of HANSOM wood based Activated Carbon, the one is GA series which is produced by chemical (ZnCl2 or H3PO4) activation process using well selected sawdust, the other is EA (including ...

Wood based activated carbon

by changzhou hejie environmental technology company

Moisture Content(%) ≤3Hardness (%) ≥95Ash Content (%) ≤12Iodine Value(mg/g) ≥1000C.T.C Absorption(%) ≥60Apparent Density(g/l) 400-500Diameter(mm) ¢1.5

Wood Based Activated Carbon

by Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC

Powder activated carbon produced by steam activation of wood. This wood based activated carbon has high porosity and purity. Majority is being used in the water and wastewater treatment, decolorization and vapor phase injection systems.

Wood Based Activated Carbon

by Carbon Activated Corporation

Wood based Activated Carbons are a growing product finding use in a number of new applications in addition to producing different performance characteristics in industrial applications typically catered for by coal or coconut products.


by Calgon Carbon Corporation

Powdered, wood based virgin activated carbon used for industrial process purification

activated carbon

by Adsorbent carbons private Ltd

Granular activated carbon ; powder activated carbon ; coconut shell based activated carbon ; silver coated activated carbon ; speciality carbon ; wood based activated carbon ; activated charcoal ; adsorbent carbon ; adsorbent activated carbon Coal based activated carbon ;

Activated Carbon


Epochemmie's carbon are special designed with high adsorption value, wide range of pore size distribution from micropore to macropore . Epochemmie supplies a full line of activated carbon which is produced on American ASTM standard,Japanese JIS standard and China GB standard. There are wood based carbon,bituminous coal based carbon,anthracite coal ...

Activated Carbon


CARBOCHEM produces a full line of activated carbon (pellets, granular, & powder) based on coal, wood and coconut shells with special emphasis on water treatment, food & beverage, chemical processing and pollution control. CARBOCHEM® carbon has been certified for ASNI/NSF Standard 61 and ISO 9002 and satisfies the requirements of the ...

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