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Wood Based Activated Carbon

by Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC     based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Powder activated carbon produced by steam activation of wood. This wood based activated carbon has high porosity and purity. Majority is being used in the water and wastewater treatment, decolorization and vapor phase injection systems.

Jiangxi Hansom - Wood Based Activated Carbon

by Jiangxi Hansom Import & Export Co., Ltd.     based in NanChang, CHINA

Hansom Wood Based Activated Carbon is manufactured from specially selected sawdust & its charcoal and activated by means of chemical or steam. There are two kinds of HANSOM wood based Activated Carbon, the one is GA series which is produced by chemical (ZnCl2 or H3PO4) activation process using well selected sawdust, the other is EA (including ...

Wood based activated carbon

by changzhou hejie environmental technology company     based in changzhou, CHINA

Moisture Content(%) ≤3Hardness (%) ≥95Ash Content (%) ≤12Iodine Value(mg/g) ≥1000C.T.C Absorption(%) ≥60Apparent Density(g/l) 400-500Diameter(mm) ¢1.5

Wood Based Activated Carbon

by Carbon Activated Corporation     based in Compton, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Wood based Activated Carbons are a growing product finding use in a number of new applications in addition to producing different performance characteristics in industrial applications typically catered for by coal or coconut products.

Lignite & Wood Base Activated Carbon

by Prominent Systems, Inc     based in Covina, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Wood & Lignite base Activated Carbon types are two unique products used in various applications. Wood base Activated Carbon is produced from various sources of wood via chemical activation.  Wood base Carbons have a unique pore structure with a high surface area ideal for decolorization applications. Lignite Activated Carbon is produced ...

TMKCARBON - Wood Based Powdered Activated Carbon

by Tan Meng Keong Sdn. Bhd.     based in Selekoh, MALAYSIA

Coconut Shell Powdered Activated Carbon; Activated carbon with size less than 0.21 mm.

Activated carbon - Activated carbon

by Technokomplex     based in Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIA

Production and sale of activated carbons (active coals) based on coconut shell, nut shell, wood, hard coal, fruit pit, pyrolysis carbon for a wide application spectrum.

Liquid Phase Activated Carbon - Model 5D, 5DR, 5DC - Virgin & Reactivated Coal, Wood & Coconut Activated Carbon

by TIGG, LLC     based in Oakdale, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

TIGG offers virgin coal based, wood based and coconut based granular activated carbon filter media which can be used for environmental remediation applications and removal of trace contaminants that occur in water and liquid streams. TIGG also provides reactivated coal based granular carbon filter media.These activated carbon filter media have a ...

Eurocarb - Wood Based Carbon

by Eurocarb, The European Subsidiary of Haycarb PLC     based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM

Our wood based carbons are made by steam activation, or by chemical activation, usually using zinc chloride or phosphoric acid depending in the final desired product properties. Generally speaking wood based carbons have a high proportion of meso- and macropores when compared with typical coal and especially coconut based carbons. They exhibit ...


by Calgon Carbon Corporation     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Powdered, wood based virgin activated carbon used for industrial process purification

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