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Handbook Biological Waste Water Treatment - Design and Optimisation of Activated Sludge System

by Quist Publishing

In this book the authors seek to present state-of-the-art theory concerning the various aspects of the activated sludge system and to develop procedures for optimized cost based design- and operation. The design guidelines for biological nutrient removal are integrated with those of other main treatment units of the activated sludge system, such ...;

Guidelines for Use of Activated Sludge Models

by IWA Publishing

Mathematical modelling of activated sludge systems has become a widely accepted tool in the past decade, and is used for research, plant design, optimisation, training, and model-based process control. However, model results are only accepted in practice if the model predictions are reliable and the required effort for conducting the simulation ...;

The Microbiology of Activated Sludge

by Springer

Waste water treatment is the largest biotechnology industry in the world, handling and disposing of domestic and industrial wastes so they present no threat to the general populace or the environment at large. The activated sludge process is the cornerstone of sewage treatment systems. Although it is a biological process and has been in use ...;

Technical Report Series No. 26 : Mineral Fertilizer Production and the Environment

by Earthprint Ltd

The report is intended to raise the awareness of the environmental issues inherent in the fertilizer manufacturing industry, and to highlight the approaches that industry and government, preferably in concert, may take to avoid or minimize the associated impacts.Fertilizer production has become one of the manufacturing sectors on which modern ...;

Process Control of Activated Sludge Plants by Microscopic Investigation

by IWA Publishing

Process stability and final effluent quality largely depend upon the composition of the biomass in an activated sludge plant. Operational problems such as bulking and scum formation occur when the wrong micro-organisms are dominating the sludge population. Microscopic sludge investigation is therefore essential for process control and stable plant ...;

Activated Sludge Models

by IWA Publishing

This book has been produced to give a total overview of the Activated Sludge Model (ASM) family at the start of 2000 and to give the reader easy access to the different models in their original versions. It thus presents ASM1, ASM2, ASM2d and ASM3 together for the first time.Modelling of activated sludge processes has become a common part of the ...;

Respirometry in Control of the Activated Sludge Process

by IWA Publishing

The report describes the principles of measurement of respiration rate, the transformation of measurement data into other types of information, and the application of the obtained information in process control strategies. Some fundamental concepts on biological respiration and process control are provided to assist the reader with understanding ...;

Advanced Instrumentation, Data Interpretation, and Control of Biotechnological Processes

by Springer

The scope of the field of biotechnological processes is very wide, covering such processes as fermentations for production of high-valued specialist chemicals (e.g. pharmaceuticals), high-volume production of foods and feeds (e.g. yoghurt, cheese, beer), as well as biological waste treatment, handling solid (composting), liquid (activated ...;

Contaminants and the Soil Environment in the Australasia-Pacific Region

by Springer

The Australasia-Pacific Region supports approximately 50% of the world's population. The last half-century has witnessed a rapid increase in the regional population, agricultural productivity, industrial activities and trade within the region. Both the demand for increased food production and the desire to improve the economic conditions have ...;

Operation of Extended Aeration Package Plants - MOP OM-7

by Water Environment Federation (WEF)

One of WEF's Manual of Practice series, this updated, second edition of Operation of Extended Aeration Package Plants (MOP OM-7) describes the typical treatment processes of small package extended aeration wastewater treatment plants. This manual covers many important aspects of this variation of the activated sludge treatment process, from ...;

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