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Microscopic Evaluation of Activated Sludge

by Engitech, Inc.     based in Bryan, TEXAS (USA)

The complete microscopic evaluation of an activated sludge plant mixed liquor sample includes five sections. Floc Evaluation. Filament Assessment. Filament Identification. Protozoa Assessment. Metazoa Assessment.

Bubble Diffusers

by U&D Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

Activated sludge wastewater aeration, Industrial wastewater treatment, Oxygenation for sludge stabilization, Aeration of ponds

Activated Sludge Model 1 for SBRs

by Water Works Engineers     based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The ASM1-SBR spreadsheet was developed by Water Works Engineers as a means of modeling the performance and oxygen requirements over a single cycle of an SBR. The spreadsheet is based on the IWA Activated Sludge Model 1 and models the dynamic performance of reactor using 15 time steps. For each time step, the user specifies a volume of wastewater ...

Activated Sludge Microbiology Poster

by Marshall Environmental Training and Consulting Group, Inc., (METC Group)     based in Corvallis, OREGON (USA)

This 39 in. by 27 in. color poster was developed by Rick Marshall, METC Group and Michael Richard, Michael Richard Wastewater Microbiology, using a photo library of over 100,000 photomicrographs and  their combined experience of over 50 years in troubleshooting activated sludge. The poster includes: Filaments: Photos of 24 major filaments ...

PSL100 activated sludge process

by Pusula Cevre Tech.     based in Ankara, TURKEY

PSL100 activated sludge process

Vorticella Sp.

by Engitech, Inc.     based in Bryan, TEXAS (USA)

Vorticella is a stalked ciliate. There are at least a dozen species found in activated sludge ranging in length from about 30 to 150 m. These organisms are oval to round shaped, have a contractile stalk, a domed feeding zone, and a water vacuole located near the terminal end of the feeding cavity. One organism is found on each stalk except during ...

Aysix - Model SRT - Sludge Retention Time Controller

by Aysix Technologies     based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Aysix controller is a premier automation system that maintains constant solids retention time (SRT) by changing waste flow rate of an activated sludge system. The control software uses information provided by on-line total suspended solids meters and a waste flow meter. SRT controller is a combination of a control and expert systems that ...

Eco Depurazione - Model VM05-08 - Active Sludge Purifiers

by Eco Depurazione     based in ROMA, ITALY

The Active Sludge VMO5-08 purifiers made by Eco Depurazione entirely in GRP (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) are monobloc vertical axis cylindrical structures sized for the primary treatment of waste waters coming from civil discharges or integrated waste characterised by a strong grade of mixed type organic substances based on the various uses for ...

Integrated Membrane Activated Sludge (IMAS)

by Ashbrook Simon-Hartley - Part of Alfa Laval     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

IMAS achieves the fundamental dual goals of minimizing both membrane area and energy consumption while producing membrane quality effluent.  This is accomplished by dramatically lowering the membrane fouling rate by managing the composition and concentration of particles which contact the membrane surface.

Model CVC-OXI-DEP-TC - Activated-Sludge Treatment Plant

by Salher     based in Arganda del Rey, SPAIN

Elimination of organic matter (BOD5).

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