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by American Water Works Association (AWWA)

NEW! AWWA MANUAL OF WATER SUPPLY PRACTICES M57The ability to mitigate biofouling, tastes and odors, and toxin production depends on a clear understanding of these organisms, and Algae: Source to Treatment (M57) is a critical guide for water treatment professionals. With more than 450 photos and illustrations, this AWWA Manual of Water Supply ...;

Addressing Concerns About Tastes and Odors and Cyanotoxins in Tap Water

by IWA Publishing

Consumers today demand drinking water that looks, smells, and tastes good. The occurrence of aesthetically unpleasing T&O compounds in water creates a perception of unsafe water. The main sources of T&O problems in municipal water supplies are certain types of algae, mainly blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and fungi (actinomycetes). Although many ...;

The Carpet of the Sun: On the Qunatification of Algal Biomass

by Benten Water Solutions

PhD Thesis in Eco-Toxicology at the Masaryk Univeristy of Brno, Czech Republic;

Real-time Coastal Observing Systems for Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Harmful Algal Blooms

by Earthprint Ltd

The proliferation of harmful phytoplankton in marine ecosystems can cause massive fish kills, contaminate seafood with toxins, impact local and regional economies and dramatically affect ecological balance. Real-time observations are essential for effective short-term operational forecasting, but observation and modelling systems are still being ...;

Eutrophication of Shallow Lakes with Special Reference to Lake Taihu, China

by Springer

Eutrophication and algal blooms are worldwide environmental issues in lakes. The eutrophication process and formation mechanisms of algal blooms are particularly complicated in shallow lakes due to the strong lake–land, air–water and water–sediment interactions. This volume features papers presented at the International Symposium on the ...;

Ecology of Harmful Algae

by Springer

Harmful algal blooms are one of the consequences of the human impact on aquatic ecosystems, particularly the process of eutrophication. They can cause a variety of deleterious effects, including the poisoning of fish and shellfish, habitat disruptions for many organisms, water discolouration, beach fouling, and even toxic effects for humans.This ...;

A Systems Analysis of the Baltic Sea

by Springer

During recent decades, large-scale effects of pollution on marine estuaries and even entire enclosed coastal seas have become apparent. One of the first regions where this was observed is the Baltic Sea, whereby the appearance of anoxic deep basins, extensive algal blooms and elimination of top predators like eagles and seals indicated effects of ...;

Nutrient Reduction and Biomanipulation as Tools to Improve Water Quality: The Lake Ringsjön Story

by Springer

This book tells a story of a large lake affected by agricultural and urban activities that have led to severe eutrophication problems with nuisance blue-green algal blooms. Although it is a case study of Lake Ringsjön (southern Sweden), the background, problems and measures are applicable to many lakes throughout the world. From a ...;

Coastal Shellfish - A Sustainable Resource

by Springer

Coastal populations of shellfish have been exploited by humans for millennia as an easily accessible source of fresh protein. Unfortunately, because the intertidal zone and the shallow coastal margins are so intertwined with man's activities, these shellfish stocks are now severely threatened around the world. Issues such as anthropogenic ...;

Dynamic Modeling for Marine Conservation

by Springer

The effects of disturbed ecosystems, from devastating algal blooms to the loss of whale populations, have demonstrated the vulnerability of the oceans¿ biodiversity. Conservation of marine systems requires knowledge from many different fields in order to understand the complex interactions that threaten those systems. Dynamic Modeling for Marine ...;

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