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Ozonation of Organic and Polymer Compounds

by Smithers Rapra

The study of the kinetics and mechanism of ozone reactions is an important field in modern science closely related to the solution of the problem of 'ozone holes', the development of physical-, organic-, inorganic-, polymer- and bio-chemistry with ozone participation, chemical kinetics, theory and utilisation of the reactivity of chemical ...;

High Performance Plastics 2011

by Smithers Rapra

The event was dedicated to the advances in plastic materials that are tuned to excel even in harsh environments and tough service conditions. Some key driving factors for the continued growth of these materials include:Oil and gas where the exploitation of hotter and deeper wells has necessitated the transition to new, higher performing ...;

An Assessment of Cavet Technologies` LumiSmart

by Kachan & Co.

Tiny Toronto lighting vendor Cavet Technologies thinks it's got a game changer. The company has introduced a lighting controller it claims can lower the power consumption of a whole fluorescent light circuit by 35%+ with a single plug in box. If true, it could represent a new type of lighting controller, easier to install and less expensive. Which ...;

LPB11 Green Butterfly Valve

by Lapar Control Valve

Green Butterfly Valve, meet ISO, ANSI, JIS standard, with A type, LT type structure, is the normal control butterfly valves, design in Italy, high quality assurance.;

Fisheries Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic. Report of the fifth session of the Scientific Sub-Committee. Casablanca, Morocco, 4-6 December 2

by Earthprint Ltd

Major topics discussed were reports on artisanal fisheries, fisheries management issues in the CECAF region, validation of resources and fisheries inventories and future programme of work in the region. - Les principales questions examinées ont été : les rapports sur les pêches artisanales, les mesures de gestion des pêches dans la région du ...;

The status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity in southern Africa

by Earthprint Ltd

Biodiversity within inland water ecosystems in southern Africa is highly diverse and of great importance to livelihoods and economies, however, development activities are not always compatible with the conservation of this diversity and it is poorly represented in the development planning process. One of the main reasons is a lack of readily ...;

Heads Up! Early Warning Systems for Climate, Water and Weather-related Hazards

by Earthprint Ltd

The forces of nature can have deadly and damaging consequences for societies and ecosystems that stand in their path. Early warning systems offer one of the best defenses against the adverse effects of climate, water, weather and geologic hazards, although far too often this realization is made after disaster strikes.Heads Up! provides a useful ...;

Guide to the Development of On-site Sanitation

by World Health Organization (WHO)

Provides detailed practical and technical advice intended to guide the selection, design, construction, and maintenance of on-site facilities for the removal of human excreta. Addressed to engineers, sanitarians, medical officers, and project planners, the book concentrates on technical options suitable for householders building their own ...;

Healthy Villages

by World Health Organization (WHO)

Health is determined by many factors, including income, environmental conditions - such as access to adequate sanitation and safe water supplies - individual behaviour, and health services. More than half of the world's population lives in villages and rural areas and most of those without access to safe water sources or basic sanitation are rural ...;

Catalysts for Alcohol-Fuelled Direct Oxidation Fuel Cells

by RSC Publishing

Energy and environment issues are of paramount importance to achieve the sustainable development of our society. Alcohol-fuelled direct oxidation fuel cells (DOFCs), as a clean and highly-efficient energy harvesting engine, have attracted intensive research activity over recent decades. Electrocatalysts are the material at the very heart of the ...;

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