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Leonid Storm Research

by Springer

This book will appeal to all researchers that have an interest in the current Leonid showers. It contains over forty research papers that present some of the first observational results of the November 1999 Leonid meteor storm, the first storm observed by modern observing techniques. The book is a first glimpse of the large amount of ...;

Governance of Water-Related Conflicts in Agriculture

by Springer

The book contributes to a better understanding of the role such co-operation can play in complying cost-effectively with European environmental legislation, in particularly the EU Nitrates and Water Framework Directives, and in achieving a sustainable agriculture. The feasibility of meeting environmental standards by the application of voluntary ...;

Riverbank Filtration

by Springer

This book describes the current and state-of-the-art applications of RBF technology as currently practised in two continents. No other resource like it exists. Its purpose is to show that RBF is a low-cost and efficient alternative water treatment process for drinking-water applications. Audience: This book is aimed at researchers with an interest ...;

3D-Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN

by Springer

Processing Modflow is one of the most complete three-dimensional groundwater and transport simulation systems in the world. The text and the companion full-version software (PMWIN) offer a totally integrated simulation system. PMWIN comes with a professional graphical user-interface, supported models and programs and several other useful modeling ...;

Marine Surface Films

by Springer

Since the late 1960s, various groups have investigated the influence of marine surface films on mechanisms dominating energy and mass transfer across the ocean/atmosphere interface. However, a compendium summarizing the state-of-the-art research in this field is still missing. The book fills this gap and transfers the accumulated knowledge to the ...;

Conducting Polymers

by Springer

The discovery of polymers with variable conductivity brought forth a paradigmatic change in chemistry and in other branches of science and technology. Electrochemistry has played a central role in the preparation, characterization and application of these new materials. This book is a systematic survey of the knowledge accumulated in this field in ...;

Basic Coastal Engineering

by Springer

This text/reference is the only one of its kind to offer the basics on surface wave mechanics and coastal processes along with the fundamentals of coastal engineering analysis and design. It also provides the necessary background from which the reader can pursue a more advanced study of the various theoretical and applied aspects of coastal ...;

Decision Support Systems for Risk-Based Management of Contaminated Sites

by Springer

Decision Support Systems for Risk-Based Management of Contaminated Sites addresses decision making in environmental risk management for contaminated sites, focusing on the potential role of decision support systems in informing the management of chemical pollutants and their effects. Considering the environmental relevance and the financial ...;

Naturally-Produced Organohalogens

by Springer

Should the production and use of chlorine and all chlorinated organic compounds be halted, in view of their adverse effects on the environment and human health? Those in favour argue that certain chlorinated compounds (PCBs, DDT, CFCs, etc.) have large negative environmental effects. The use of chlorine in disinfectants leads to the ...;

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