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HydraMax - Dry Polymer Preparation System

by Velocity Dynamics, Inc.     based in Louisville, COLORADO (USA)

The HydraMax Dry Polymer Preparation System has low capacity manual systems and automatic systems designed to produce up to 1000 pounds an hour of dry polymer.

Ion-exchange Resins

by Comelt S.r.l     based in Pioltello (MI), ITALY

We supply a wide range of ion-exchange resins for softening, demineralising and for special applications. Some examples of the products marketed:

Belclene - Antiscalants

by BWA Water Additives     based in Tucker, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

BWA's Belclene scale and corrosion inhibitor products have been specifically designed to meet the most demanding needs of our customers - for both technical performance and environmental acceptability. The maleic, phosphinocarboxylic and phosphonocarboxylic acid technology on which BWA products are based has led to additives which out-perform ...

EnvirozoneTM - Model RROG-500 - Ozonizer

by Envirozone Technocraft Pvt. Ltd.     based in Surat, INDIA

Type Corona discharge, Capacity 100mg /hr with air as feed gas, Feed gas Ambient Air, Cooling Air cooled M.O.C Wetted parts in ozone compatible material, Outer panels in ABS Plastic, Power supply 230-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, single phase, Controls On-Off, circulation & Purification

SNF Canada - Model DB Series - Dry Polymer Preparation Systems

by SNF Canada     based in Trois-Rivières, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The Dry Polymer Preparation Systems are built for simple, low maintenance operation. Years of field experience with dry polymer preparation combined with the knowledge of the leading manufacturer of water-soluble polymers is incorporated into every design.

HWE - Chlorinators

by Hindustan Water Engineering Company     based in Mandsaur, INDIA

Normally filtered water appears perfectly clear but mostly contaminated by bacteria, yeasts, virus, mold, apores and other germs which are dangerous to human life. To kill such germs before allowing wate for human consumption, there are several processes.


by Basic Chemical Company, LLC, a subsidiary of Occidental Chemical Corporation     based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA)

Chlorine is one of the most abundant naturally occurring chemical elements. Chlorine's unique reactive chemical properties allow it to bond with other chemical elements to form substances that are used in, or for, the manufacturing of thousands of everyday products. Chlorine is referred to as the single material on which production of other ...

Tramfloc - Model 108 - Anionic Flocculant

by Tramfloc, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Tramfloc 108 is an anionic polyaciylamide of medium molecular weight and moderate charge  Tramfloc 108 is supplied as a stable, high density emulsion. Tramfloc 108 is completely water soluble and produces high viscosity solutions at very low concentrations. Tramfloc 108 is used as general flocculant in a variety of industrial, mining, paper ...

Tramfloc - Model 550-556 - Cationic Coagulant

by Tramfloc, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Tramfloc 550-556 are high molecular weight, highly charged, liquid inorganic coagulant aids of polyaluminum chloride. Tramfloc2 550-556 are completely water soluble and all Tramfloc'2 520, 620, 550 and 730 series polymers are NSF2 approved for clarification of potable water, food processing and membrane feed water.

Jenfitch - Coagulants and Flocculants


Organic & Inorganic coagulants: Alum (aluminum sulfate), Ferric & Ferrous Salts, PACL & PACL Blends, ACH & ACH Blends, Polyamines, DADMAC and others. Flocculants: Dry, emulsion, solutions, anionic, nonionic, cationic, potable grades.

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