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Solenoid - Model MP Range - Dosing Pumps

by Colberge Water Systems     based in Rio de Mouro, PORTUGAL

Electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pumps with standart bleed valve PVDF liquid end and optional livel switch. 5 models flow rates up 15 L/h e pressures up 16 Bar. Manual or external control pulses frequency.


by ATAC SOLUTIONS LTD     based in Maidstone, Kent, UNITED KINGDOM

Electrocoagulation is an electrochemical method of treating polluted water; whereby sacrificial electrodes corrode at the anode face and release an active coagulant, causing pollutants to cluster together into semi-solids. This is accompanied by gas release on the cathode face of the electrodes; which integrates into the growing pollutant ...

Poly-Mate Polymer Injection Systems

by Flo Trend® Systems, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Poly-Mate® Polymer Injection Systems can be used for either liquid or dry polymer mixing and injection. The Poly-Mate® Models 250 through 2000 are designed to be used with liquid polymer, which is manually added to the batch tank. An electric agitator is used for dispersing and blending the neat polymer with water. The dilute solution is then ...

Model 106-L, 106-M and 106-H - Ozone Monitor

by 2B Technologies     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

For industrial ozone applications, 2B Tech offers the Model 106-L, 106-M and 106-H Ozone Monitors, where L, M and H refer to Low (0-100 ppm), Medium (0-1000 ppm) and High (0-20 wt%) ozone concentrations, respectively. These instruments have different optical path lengths in order to accommodate this extremely wide range of ozone concentrations, ...

RWO - Ballast Water Treatment System

by RWO GmbH Marine Water Technology     based in Bremen, GERMANY

RWO's CleanBallast system is one of the very few ballast water treatment technologies that can withstand the uncertainties of the future and has operational experience.To date CleanBallast has been already selected by customers from countries all over the world like China, Canada, Germany, Skandinavian states, Indonesia or the ...


by Aquaco Water Recycling Limited     based in East Peckham, UNITED KINGDOM

With ever increasing demands from the Environment Agency to minimise pollutants in water effluent arising from industrial processes, Aquaco water recycling ltd can offer a solution which works well in many industries.This is the Red Box Electro Coagulation system whereby contaminants are flocculated by an electrical process into a size which can ...

SPARTOX - Ozone Water Treatment Systems

by Spartan Environmental Technologies, L.L.C.     based in Beachwood, OHIO (USA)

SPARTOX ozone water treatment systems are self contained systems that produce ozone and mix it with water under pressure.  SPARTOX is easy to install, operate and maintain. It is highly reliable with the main ozone generator component coming with a three year warranty.

Advanced Oxidation Processes

by Spartan Environmental Technologies, L.L.C.     based in Beachwood, OHIO (USA)

Spartan offers turn key advanced oxidation processes (AOP) systems for industrial water treatment applications including ground water remediation, wastewater treatment and pretreatment.  Oxidation processes are most often used to remove TOC, COD or specific organic compounds from water.  Spartan offers

Model STNL-0200 - 200 Litre Dosing Tank

by Carbery Plastics Ltd.     based in Clonakilty, IRELAND

Our range of dosing tanks provide the ideal solution for daily dosing of chemicals in water treatment and purification sectors.

Model BL 7916 - pH Controller and Chemical Dosing Pump

by Analytic Instruments     based in Lucknow, INDIA

BL 7916 pH Controller and Chemical Dosing Pump.

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