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by ROC Components AG

Antiscalants are used to effectively control the scaling of poorly soluble salts such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate, silica and others. These chemical products are compatible with most of the leading desalination membrane brands. Cleaning chemicals ensure the most effective removal of inorganic, organic ...

PA0100 Series - Reverse Osmosis Antiscalants

by Pure Aqua, Inc.

Pure Aqua, Inc. offers PA0100 as an antiscalant. It is a liquid antiscalant/dispersant blended to inhibit scale and disperse colloidal particles in cellulose acetate and thin film membrane separation systems. The formulation has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) under ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for use in producing potable ...

JS 9325 - Struvite Removal and Control

by Struvite Removal

Struvite removal and Struvite control is of major importance for wastewater treatment plant personnel and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations personnel. When Struvite is discovered at the plant in the form of crystals, scale or rock, the operational efficiency of the plant has begun to diminish and in the worst case it will be severely ...

Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration Systems

by Wigen Water Technologies

Wigen is a leading provider of industrial and municipal RO and NF systems with capabilities that include: engineering, manufacturing, site supervision, commissioning and operator training. We have been designing and building RO and NF systems since the early 1990's and have hundreds of successful installations throughout the world. Like the rest ...

FEDI - Fractional Electrodeionization

by QUA Group

The Electrodeionization (EDI) process, invented over 20 years ago, is a continuous, chemical-free process that removes ionized and ionizable impurities from the feed water using DC power. EDI is most commonly used to treat Reverse Osmosis (RO); permeate and replace Mixed Bed (MB) ion exchange; producing high purity water of up to 18 M Ω.cm. EDI ...

Potable Water Grade Dispersants


Dispersants can be applied to a variety of problems including reverse osmosis, cooling towersand boilerwater treatment. They are used, in general, in any system where water circulates such as in inlet water pipes to control bio-fouling, in heat exchangers. In combination with other chemicals, in particular the Amber coagulants, Disperse can be ...

Struvite Control

by Struvite Removal

Struvite Removal offers products that include our Struvite Remover JS 9325 and our Struvite Preventer and Inhibitor JS 9310 for struvite control in wastewater treatment. Struvite Remover JS 9325 is non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and cost-effective leaving your operation struvite free. Struvite Preventer and Inhibitor JS 9310 is ...

Convergence Inspector - RO - Reverse Osmosis

by Convergence Beheer B.V.

The Convergence Inspector Reverse Osmosis is almost identical to the UF version, with the difference that it is suited for high pressure (125 bar). The installation works with any (third party) spiral wound (1-4 inch) module, flat cell or hollow fiber module. The Convergence Inspector for Reverse Osmosis is a fully customized fluid system that is ...

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

by Agape Water Solutions, Inc.

We provide a proprietary line of Antiscalants and Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaners. Antiscalants / Antifoulants control Biological Foulants, Hardness, Silica, Iron, Barium, Mineral Scales & Metal Oxides. Low pH cleaners are pre-formulated mixtures which effectively remove hardness, iron and heavy metal scaling. Our high pH cleaners are ...

Large-scale Softening Plant

by Samsung C & T

Hardness in a water supply can result in scale formation, which is a deposit of minerals left over after the water has been removed or evaporated. This can be found in reverse osmosis systems, clean steam generators and distillation systems.

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