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UT - Chlorine Dioxide

by Unique Technologies Engineering BV

For a healthy virus and bacteria free water system. Chlorine-dioxide is a widely used disinfectant which kills microorganisms in all kinds of water systems. In a very short contact time bacteria and fungi are killed in irrigation water, potable water production, cooling towers, etc. Iron bacteria which cause internal erosion in pipes are disabled, ...

TwinOxide - Chlorine Dioxide

by TwinOxide International B.V.

Water disinfection until today: The most widespread used disinfectants for (drinking) water are chlorine and chlorine-type disinfectants. The use of chlorine is increasingly subject to criticism due to its numerous disadvantages and hazards. The hazards of chlorine involve both safety and health related risks and effects that can only be avoided ...

DioxiGen - Chlorine Dioxide Generator

by Global Treat, Inc

The DioxiGen Systems Chlorine Dioxide Generator was developed at a customer's request for a simple, highly efficient, easy to operate system with no mandatory contracts for equipment and chemicals.How it Works - The process utilizes two precursor chemicals, chlorine gas and 25% aqueous sodium chlorite.The precurser chemicals are drawn through the ...

Resin Cleaners for Water Treatment Chemicals

by Lenntech Water Treatment

Ion exchange resins need to be regenerated after application, after that, they can be reused. But every time the ion exchangers are used serious fouling takes place. The contaminants that enter the resins will not be removed through regeneration; therefore resins need cleaning with certain chemicals. Chemicals that are used are for instance sodium ...

Conex DIS-G

by Grundfos Alldos

Gas warning unit for chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone. The safety system Conex DIS-G measures and monitors the concentration of the gases chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone in the ambient air. It includes acoustic and optical alarm facilities and represents an indispensable component of all gas dosing systems. Applications: drinking water, ...

Conex DIA-1

by Grundfos Alldos

Conex speaks plain text. The most important parameters in water chemistry and technology are speaking the same language: Conex. ALLDOS' new generation of ultra-modern measuring amplifiers and controllers measure and control pH, redox, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and fluoride.


by Grundfos Alldos

Modular potentiostatic combined measuring cells for disinfection. For chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone combined potentiostatic measuring cells of type AquaCell have been developed, with an electric cleaning motor or with hydromechanical electrode cleaning. Applications: Our sensors are specifically designed for water treatment and ...

Conex DIA-2

by Grundfos Alldos

Conex® DIA-2, the dual measuring amplifier and controller: The Conex® DIA-2 allows you to measure and control two parameter groups in parallel and to show these side by side on the display: Parameter 1: chlorine (Cl2), chlorine dioxide (ClO2), ozone (O3), peroxide (H2O2). Parameter 2: pH. Further Conex® DIA-2 can measure the temperature of the ...

Conex DIA-2Q

by Grundfos Alldos

Conex® DIA-2Q, the multifunctional measuring amplifier and controller. The Conex® DIA-2Q allows you to measure and control two parameter groups in parallel and to show these side by side on the display: Parameter 1: chlorine (Cl2), chlorine dioxide (ClO2), ozone (O3), peroxide (H2O2), peracatique acid (PAA). Parameter 2: pH, redox or fluoride ...

AdEdge - Chemical Feed Systems

by Adedge Water Technologies, LLC

The AdEdge CO2 pH adjustment system is designed to lower the pH of the source water through the injection and dissolution of gaseous CO2. The system is capable of dynamically controlling the pH of the water stream by actively monitoring the pH of the water downstream of the gas injection point and proportionately controlling the amount of CO2 ...

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