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Ultromat - Model ULFa - Continuous Flow Systems

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH     based in Heidelberg, GERMANY

Ultromat ULFa continuous flow systems permit the batching of flocculation aids for the preparation of ready to use polymer solutions and both liquid and powdered polymers can be processed in this way. The storage tank is subdivided into three chambers, largely preventing carry-over of the freshly prepared polymer. The Ultromat ULFa, along with ...

Ultromat - Model ULDa - Double-Deck System

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH     based in Heidelberg, GERMANY

Ultromat ULDa double-deck systems are designed for the processing of liquid and powdered polymers. The system consists of two separate polypropylene storage tanks, arranged above each other, thereby preventing product carry-over. The polymer solution is batched in the upper storage tank and can be transferred to the lower storage tank once the ...

Ultromat - Model ULPa - Oscillating Systems

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH     based in Heidelberg, GERMANY

Ultromat ULPa the oscillating systems are ideal for the batching of fl occulation aids for the preparation of ready to use polymer solutions. The Ultromat ULPa consists of two separate chambers which can be successively fi lled with polymer solution, thereby ruling out the risk of product carry-over. Both liquid and powdered polymers can be ...

POLYMORE - For Liquid Polyelectrolytes

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH     based in Heidelberg, GERMANY

Inline batching stations POLYMORE meter the liquid polymer with a hose pump into the pressure-encapsulated multizone mixing equipment with the dilution water, thereby creating a homogeneous polymer solution. The polymer solution can be metered directly into the application in most cases. POLYMORE has a compact design ideal for wall mounting.

DULCODOS - Panel-Mounted Dosing Systems

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH     based in Heidelberg, GERMANY

The panel-mounted dosing systems DULCODOS panel consist of standard versions that can be enlarged by popular options such as reduced-pulsation dosing and suction aid with the capability of gauging the capacity by litres. The standard versions are equipped in a way to ensure safe operation. The metering pump is installed as plug & play version ...

BAGSTOR - Model HT - Bagopener

by Hartner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG     based in Gundelfingen, GERMANY

Bagopener BAGSTOR-HT guarantes an optimal opening of Bags and a very good dosing. A system that can be adapted to your operation due to its modular construction. Each sorting chain can be loaded continuously by different modules, making effective use of available space.

Model ZPD Series - External Gear Pump

by Beinlich Pumpen GmbH     based in Gevelsberg, GERMANY

ZPD gear pumps were specifically designed for dosing applications, oil hydraulics and process technology. Due to different types of toothing and modules, the medium is being delivered with low pulsation, so that exact dosing requirements can be realised the best possible way. By doing so, volumetric efficiency values of over 90% are achieved with ...

Grundfos - Model DME - Digital Dosing Pumps

by Grundfos Pumps Corporation     based in Bjerringbro, DENMARK

Grundfos DME Digital Dosing pumps combine perfect precision with user-friendliness, covering large dosing quantities in the range from 60 l/h to 940 l/h with few variants.

SOLTEC - Model BM Series - Automated Dosing Pumps

by SOLTEC Novomoskovsky Mechanical Plant Ltd.     based in Novomoskovsk, UKRAINE

BM dosing pumps are applied on the manufactures where the technological processes demand accurate dosage of viscous heterogeneous components with interval of no more than 0.1 %, taking into account the outlet pressure. BM dosing pumps can be automated and allow the installation of wide range of additional options, such as charging neck, supporting ...

DIGITAL DOSING - Model 940 l/h - Digital Dosing

by Grundfos Alldos     based in Reinach, SWITZERLAND

By popular demand, Grundfos Alldos has applied innovative technology to expand the DIGITAL DOSING™ pump range, allowing it to handle liquids in much larger quantities. With just two models the new DME range can cover the range from 0.47 l/h to 940 l/h. Perfect for large water and wastewater treatment plants, textile industries, pulp and ...

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