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IPC Clarifiers

by Leaucon, Inc.     based in Malvern, ARKANSAS (USA)

The Leaucon, Inc. IPC clarifier is designed to remove and thicken suspended and flocculated solids from industrial waters and wastewaters in one step. The basic system consists of a plate separator with a sludge collection cone underneath.  A flash mix/flocculation tank usually precedes the unit. The primary use of the IPC is to

RoQuest 6000 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Compatible Coagulant Chemical

by Avista Technologies, Inc. / Avista Technologies (UK) Ltd     based in San Marcos, CALIFORNIA (USA)

RoQuest® 6000 contains a blend of organic coagulants and ferric sulfate and is designed for use as a coagulant and flocculation aid in flocculator-clarifiers. This product will enhance performance by removing colloids, silt, and many organic molecules, producing an effluent that is a more acceptable feedwater quality to downstream reverse osmosis ...

FilteRx6100 - Liquid Coagulant Blend Of Ferric Sulfate and Organic Polymer

by H2O Innovation     based in Québec (Québec), QUEBEC (CANADA)

FilteRx  6100 was developed to improve the efficiency of direct filtration processes to increase the removal colloidal solids and to remove dissolved organics. Direct filtration processes include clarifiers, multi-media filter systems and micro-filters.

One Chemical` WWT

by Simran Canada - Water Treatment Co     based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

The Floccin products have proven to be more cost effective than the conventional steps of pH adjusting, coagulation, flocculation, and the use of dewatering aids such as pearlite or diatomaceous earth. The Floccin products usually replace 3 chemistries with 1 and in many cases replaces 5 products. This greatly simplifies the wastewater treatment ...

AquaStar - Contact Clarifier

by Filter Tech Systems, Inc.     based in Grand Junction, COLORADO (USA)

The AquaStar was designed to meet the needs of high-quality water for public consumption by treating water that is already relatively good. Key Benefits: Low Cost - Utilizes simple dual-stage system that avoids direct filtration, drastically reducing capital costs. Compact - The effectiveness of the contact flocculation in the first stage allows ...

Recirculator Clarifier

by Swift Tech Engineers (India) Private Limited.     based in Chennai, INDIA

SWIFT TECH Recirculator clariifer is a high rate solids contact clarifier used for water clarification and or softening. This unit combines flash mixing flocculation, clarification and sludge thickening into a single operation. It provides selective or simultaneous removal of turbidity, colour, organic matter, odour, iron, manganese, hardness and ...

Avifloc - Model S 5580 - Floatation Flocculent For Raw Sugar Refinery

by Cheminova Organics Pvt. Ltd.     based in Panki, site-4, Kanpur, INDIA

AVIFLOC S 5580 water soluble polymers which have been developed specifically as aids to the rapid flotation of phosphatation scums at the clarification stage of refinery processing. The clarification process makes use of the two stages of flocculation termed priman and secondary. Primary flocculation effected by phosphatation is followed by ...

Model LA-EDI - Enhanced Flocculation and Energy Dissipation Inlet

by CPE Services / Clarifiers, Inc.     based in Enfield, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

This special intet for all circular water and wastewater center-feed clarifiers combines the processes of dissipating the energy of the jets from the inlet ports and enhancing the flocculation of the particles by (a) the swirling action within the ED) tub. (b) the collision of the flocutant particles in the opposing jets, and (c) the controlled ...

Clarifiers/Tube Settlers

by Morf India Limited     based in Mahalingapuram, INDIA

Clarifiers are used as pre-treatment units for treating turbid waters having higher suspended and colloidal particles (surface water sources like rivers, streams and sea) and down / up stream of biological processes in waste water treatment. The clarifiers help settlement of colloidal particles by providing a larger surface area. Conventional ...

Clean Water Treatment Clarifiers

by Monroe Environmental Corporation     based in Monroe, MICHIGAN (USA)

Monroe Environmental manufactures several types of water purification clarifiers, primarily intended for municipal use in the process of making ground water or surface water safe for drinking. These include Flocculating Clarifiers and Solids Contact Clarifiers.

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